Asus RT-N12: configuring the router

inexpensive and highly functional entry-level router - this Asus RT-N12.Setting its software firmware and creating a small local area network - that's what will be detailed within the framework of the material.

Characteristics network router

First we need to note that the designation RT-N12 is not hiding a single device, but a family of routers.Most of the technical parameters, with rare exceptions, they are identical.But this kind of housing they differ.Also, at the end of the name is added to the series routers alphanumeric model designation, for example, Asus RT-N12 D1.Setting the standard for all devices of this series.The rest of the technical specifications have the following:

  • 4 output RJ-45 port (colored yellow).They are intended to create a wired portion of the network via a twisted pair and able to exchange information at a speed of 100 Mbit / s.So connect to the router TVs (which do not have Wi-Fi), IPTV - top box or a second router (it can be used, for example, to increase wireless coverage).
  • 2 antenna capable of transmitting information over the wireless portion of the network at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s.Immediately it should be noted that virtually all of the standards are supported by Wi-Fi, in addition to «a» and «ac».The first of them is morally and physically outdated?and it is not so often found in wireless gadgets.The second came after how the family started selling routers.
  • To arrange connection to the equipment provider has one RJ-45 port on the perimeter is colored blue.Its maximum speed is limited to the standard 100 Mbit / s.As a result, share a global web of data local area network based on such a router can only only at a specified rate.
  • Indicating device status assigned to the LED panel (she is either on the front panel or on the upper lid
    ).It allows you to determine the presence of food (indicator labeled POWER), internet connection (LED WAN), wireless operation (LED Wi-Fi) and wired (1-4 LEDs labeled LAN) network.

Before installing Before installing and configuring the router need to study in detail the contract entered into with the provider for services.It contains the information that is required during the setup process.This type of connection, and the address type (static or dynamic), and password to gain access to the global web.All these data are necessary in the process of adjustment to make in Asus RT-N12.Setting "Rostelecom" connections, the installation requires such values:

  • Connection Type - PPPoE.
  • login and password specified in the contract.
  • IP-address must in this case be dynamic.

remaining parameters remain unchanged in Asus RT-N12.Setting the "Beeline" connections, the slightly different and requires setting the following values ​​in the settings of the router:

  • Connection in this case, L2TP.
  • IP-address is obtained automatically from the router hardware provider.
  • also set username and password, without which access to the global web is impossible.

In any case, prior to the setting you need to specify the necessary settings of the router in the contract from the provider.

Supply unit

Typical supplied from this series of devices.It includes a:

  • Series Router RT-N12.
  • Twisted pair, compression at both ends, 1 m in length.
  • power supply cord to connect to the router.
  • Quick guide to setting up and using a networked device.
  • Warranty.
  • CD-ROM with technical documentation and software.


As noted earlier, this series of routers has a panel LEDs.With it you can quickly and easily determine the status of the router.Depending on the model, it can be displayed on top of the cover or the front panel.It consists of the following indicator elements:

  • first from left to right is the LED Power.When you boot the router blinks slowly, and while the lights continuously.On some models, there is no indicator routers WPS, and its function in the search for a new device with the same name technology does exactly Power, for example, Asus RT-N12 C1.Setting up a wireless connection in this case is visualized by means of frequent blinking of the LEDs.
  • second indicator - is the indicator of a wireless network.With a constant glow it is ready, and in exchange it flashes continuously.
  • next indicator - WAN.It indicates whether a connection to the global web.As in the previous case, his steady light indicates the presence of the connection, and continuous flashing - the exchange of information is the Internet.
  • Next LED - WPS - Not all models in this family of routers.It flashes only when setting up a new wireless technology using WPS.
  • last 4 LEDs are indicators of wired ports LAN1-LAN4.If no port is connected, the indicator does not light.If you have the same connection it is lit continuously.But in the process of data exchange it flashes.

temporary scheme

router setup In the first stage of the router configuration is necessary to collect a temporary scheme.To do this, the router set off next to the PC or laptop.Further, a complete twisted pair at one end fits into any of the 4 yellow LAN-port, and the second - in the slot NIC PC or laptop.Then, the power supply is installed in adjacent outlet and plug cord - socket of the router.This timing diagram is ready to configure the Asus RT-N12.Setup is now reduced to the integration of the PC and the router and entering the necessary data for the last.

software setup

Next, turn on the router and the PC.After the download of each need to run any of the installed Internet browser on your PC.In his address bar, you need to dial the four three-digit numbers separated by ".".The first of these - 192, the second - 168. And the last two are the same - 001. Then, click Enter.In response, a message asks you to enter your login and will, of course, your password.In our case, they are the same - admin.Then a window will open with the interface configuration of network devices.Here you enter all the necessary parameters that were previously unclear.You must also enter the name of the future wireless network and the password to access it.Yet you need to install the encryption method WPA2 - it provides by far the highest level of protection.At the end do not forget to save your changes.Then exit the configuration interface of the router and close the browser.Turn off the PC and the router, dismantle the temporary scheme.

connection permanently

Now you need to set up permanent (it should be located as close to the center of the apartment - it will provide a maximum range of your wireless network) Asus RT-N12.Setting up the device over the network, you just plug it in and verify its settings.Permanent scheme is similar to the time.The difference lies only in the fact that the blue WAN-port input wire is connected from the provider.By the yellow LAN-ports connected devices that will share information with the help of wires.Well connected with plug wire from the power supply, which is pre-installed in the nearest socket or carrying.

test wire segment

Next you need to necessarily test the functionality of the configuration changes to the router Asus RT-N12.Setting Beeline-connection or any other over, and only need to verify the accuracy of the settings made.To do this, when the router and the PC, attached to the network using twisted-pair, run on the last any of the installed browsers.Then, in his address bar, enter the address of the desired site and press "Enter".If done correctly, it will open the home page of the selected Internet portal.

Checking the wireless LAN side

then check the wireless portion of the computer network, implemented with the help of Asus RT-N12.WiFi setup was already done in the previous steps.The order of testing with mobile gadgets in this case a:

  • router must be enabled, and should function to connect to the global web.
  • Go to the settings of the mobile device and provide a list of available wireless networks.In the resulting list, select the name that was previously specified.
  • Then the query you must enter your password.
  • After that you must close all previously open windows and wait for the receipt of the network address.Its receipt will indicate the change indicator "wi-fi" at the top of the screen.
  • Then run the browser and open any of the possible Internet portals.

If done correctly, almost immediately opens the corresponding thematic resource.To set up a wireless connection to a PC or laptop is identical.Just for this purpose instead of the touchpad pointing device you want to use.A taskbar in this case is located at the bottom.

update to the latest firmware fresh

To ensure reliable and stable operation of the router should be mandatory to update the software, or as it is called, firmware.To do this, when the router and the PC to run any of your installed browsers on the last.In his address bar and hit enter "Enter".After the opening of the official manufacturer web page proceed to the section "Support" (located in the top menu of the Web page).Then in the search string is typed in full model of the router and click "Search".Then proceed to the "Drivers and Utilities".In the next step we choose the version of the operating system in the dropdown list in the dialog download the new firmware on your computer.Next, go into the settings of the router (which has previously been described) and go to the item "Advanced Settings" (located in the right column of the menu of the router).It choose the item "Administration."Moving further to the tab "Firmware Update".Use the "Browse" open the window to download updates from your hard drive and find the previously downloaded firmware and select it.Then, close this window and click "Send" button.Then, start the procedure for updating the software of the network device.On its completion it will automatically open the home page of the router settings.You can then exit the router configuration and close the browser window.


This series routers can be connected to the global web IPTV-top boxes.To do this via twisted pair crimped to connect it to any of the 4-port LAN router (which, as noted earlier, colored yellow).Next, using any computer, smartphone or laptop connected to the network, go to the settings of the network device of the previously described method.In the setup menu of the router in the right column, go to the section "Advanced Settings."The next step is to move sub-WAN and are moving on the "Internet connection".Then find the item "Port IPTV» in the drop-down list to choose exactly the port that is already connected to the console.Then save the program changes made in the parameters of Asus RT-N12.Setting IPTV-over-top box, you can leave the router configuration and test it in action.Previously, of course, need to remember to connect it to your TV and to the AC power supply.Also, do not forget that it is necessary to include the button Power.


After all the previous work manipulation fully operational Asus RT-N12.Setting it over, and it is now possible to connect different network devices and use them to their destination.That is to load and unload a variety of information from the global web.