Indian high fashion: from saris to armor

Want upcoming summer and autumn to look stylish and elegant, feminine and sophisticated, luxurious and unusual, bright and elegant at the same time?Then you should pay attention to the new collections of Indian designers, presented at the recent fashion shows in India fall 2008 season.

Today, the Indian high fashion - a true rainbow of styles, from traditional folk motifs to the most dizzying experiments and variations.

present you the autumn collection 2008 three Indian designers: Puja Arya, Charu Parashar and Manish Arora.

Model Puja Arya inspired by Indian traditions and Turkish motifs in the patterns, fabric texture and design.

Here and subtle embroidered saris and long evening dresses, as well as very elegant mini-dresses and pantsuits for every day.

The color palette of the collection Puja Arya balanced warm and cool colors, fabrics prevail among cotton and chiffon, and a combination of Indian and Turkish patterns silhouettes creates a sense of bright and feminine elegance.

The new collection Charu Parashar meet traditions Indian and European fashion.Here painted red and gold ornaments exotic Indian fabrics became the basis for dresses and trouser suits with perfect french silhouettes.

Some of these models even reminiscent of the times of the French queens, famous for their luxurious outfits.

However, the traditional sari of Charu Parashar look luxurious, thanks to the rich texture of the coating pattern.

Unlike previous collections, creation inspired by designer Manish Arora is not gallant French fashion and exquisite Indian saris.

Models of the designer based on the history of "military fashion" different times and peoples: from the armor of the Romans, knights and samurai - to the modern military uniforms.

Add to this obligatory for all models of the brilliant "samurai" masks and costumes glittering with gold in the unimaginable patterns and pictures, and you get a rough idea of ​​the new collection of Manish Arora.

The fact that all these authors designed a collection for the autumn season, does not change anything: perhaps, in India such a warm autumn.

Therefore, nothing can stop the ladies all over the world follow Indian fashion this summer.

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