Production of cardboard packaging

Progressive packaging required to comply with several requirements.For a start, it's provisioning product safety.In addition it must be simple to operate.Small own weight, and low cost of characterizing traits considered.Leader among the practical solutions currently considered cartons.They have long established their comfort and consumer properties.Stability, opportunities for design and versatility make them an indispensable element of business.

This type is widely used as packaging for food products, household products, pharmaceutical products.In this list it is possible to include dishes, office tools, printing and other.Ease of production is reflected in the price of packaging that has been used.This of considerable quality, unusual for inexpensive products.With the use of such packaging simplifies storage, and conservation and delivery of products.This is considered a major advantage for manufacturers, distributors, end-buyer.

cardboard and micro-corrugated packaging have broad powers.The performance properties of the mat-la testament to create packaging for surely every type of product.Due to plasticity, cardboard easily takes the desired shape and volume, Extremely suitable for printing.This will allow you to emphasize your product in the middle, and the other to give it uniqueness.

cardboard packaging for industrial products - computer and home appliances, utensils, and other product names.Taking into account the size and weight of products, the creation of corrugated packaging is performed with the introduction of different types of mat-la: it may be a two-layer corrugated cardboard, but the five-layer.For the design of the seal is used on cardboard and masking, which allows us to provide the perfect exterior, which is not depending on the thickness and the parameters of the cardboard packaging, whether packaging for shoes or refrigerator.It is likely create corrugated packaging of any type, shape and configuration.
Boxes for food - pizza, wine and others.Production of such type cartons (corrugated packaging) takes place in full accordance with the hygiene claims using environmentally friendly that were used to being harmless inhabitant of our planet.Based on the type of product, it can be made of corrugated cardboard packaging (for example, pizza boxes) or from micro-corrugated cardboard (packaging for coffee).

package, micro-corrugated cardboard box from a four.For last month this type of carton is more known for our visitors.Corrugated packaging of a four micro-wave with open exterior has a unique and enhanced fortress, which significantly expands the scope of its application.At the request is made on the box stamping - such a method it is possible to apply, for example, a logo, or a title company.
Gift and Christmas corrugated - we accept applications for the production of cardboard packaging made of micro and cardboard "chrome-ersatz."Solemn packaging of various shapes, with the application of all images (including corporate symbols) will be successful addition to any gift.

imeenno so the company EkstraPak-M offers its services in the creation and production of cardboard packaging.After all, almost any product on the market, you want to pack.A carton can be very useful for many purposes.It would be appropriate for food and for household appliances, in addition she is also environmentally friendly.