Rhubarb jam: a recipe with oranges in multivarka with photos

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in Russian rhubarb jam can not be called popular dessert such as apple jam or cherry jam.These pink stems, which easily can be bought on the market (or grow in the garden / country house) from May to July, we traditionally used for cooking stewed fruit.And of them make a delicious sponge cake with fruit filling.But it is possible to extend the enjoyment of rhubarb sour taste, making it a home preparation for the winter.

In this article we will teach you to cook rhubarb jam with oranges.Recipe with photos to help you put our words into practice.A multivarka a large bowl will make the process a pleasure.Citrus rhubarb jam give a more vivid taste and expressive aroma.Traditional recipes and therefore recommend adding to the red stems of the leaves of cherries, the lemons and oranges.A sweet lovers can combine rhubarb and banana.Although citrus is preferable: it is precisely they contain vitamin C.

Use rhubarb jam with oranges

These stems are bright pink color has long been appreciated by people.The rhubarb contains a number of vitamins.Above all, this E and P, carotene, ascorbic acid, and the whole line B. Also, rhubarb contains catechins, pectin, rutin.Invaluable bring health malic acid and valuable sugar.And most importantly, these substances are not destroyed by heat treatment.If you cook rhubarb jam (recipe with oranges preferred any other) and will use it during the winter, it will considerably strengthen your immune system a beneficial effect on the heart, contribute to the regeneration of the skin.If you elect to sweet lemon duo, the emerald-honey dessert prevent strokes and heart attacks.In small quantities it has an astringent effect of a jam.However, we must remember: Rhubarb is useful only when it is young.Beginning in July, it stems accumulate oxalic acid, which is an aggressive act on our body.

Who is not recommended to use rhubarb jam?

recipe with oranges unacceptable for people who are allergic to citrus.And because it's still a jam, sour, though, it should be consumed with caution diabetics.Dietitians are not advised for pregnant women to get involved in a dessert.It is not necessary to give the jam and young children.Pleasant acidity dessert can play a cruel joke on those who suffer from a stomach ulcer and other gastrointestinal pathology.In the period of acute kidney stones and other ailments of kidney, too, is to limit yourself to eating dessert.And of course, do not cook rhubarb jam (recipe with orange, lemon and other fruit) from the old calloused stems.They contain many harmful oxalic acid.Eat only soft elastic stems, collected during June (in Ukraine - May) at the beginning of July.

rhubarb jam: a classic recipe with oranges

First of all you need to clean the stems from the thin pink skin.For this, we clipped the base with a sharp knife and pull "red beard" (just for curls skins rhubarb in many countries called rumbombarom).Peeled stems cut into slices.Carefully brush my oranges, cut off a fine grater zest, squeezing juice.To improve the taste of the dessert will help cinnamon or vanilla sugar.

rhubarb jam (recipe with oranges will certainly taste of many) need to prepare well.Mix in a bowl two cups of finely chopped and peeled stalks, grated zest of two oranges and seedless pulp and white streaks.Fall asleep 1.3 cups of sugar.Cook until the stalks become translucent and syrup thickens.In the same way we check the readiness and desserts multivarka.Jam decompose on the banks, store them in the refrigerator.

recipe with the addition of oranges and lemons

will take a bag of pectin, but will gelatinous tasty and healthy dessert.A kilo of clean rhubarb, cut into small wedges.Fall asleep 1.5 kg of sugar.We leave for the night, to rhubarb could let the juice.Put the bowl with the syrup and pieces for a minimum fire and warm up.During this time, the scraping peeler or grater zest from half a kilogram of oranges.But do not forget from time to time to stir in the basin.Fall asleep zest.After boiling, keep further ten minutes, stirring constantly.Peeled oranges are divided into segments, we release now from the walls, white films and bones.The flesh is cut into triangles and attach to the pelvis.Dilute pectin.Cook for another quarter of an hour.In multivarka process is fully automated "Quenching".Dessert is still hot poured into the prepared banks.Sealed with sterile lids rhubarb jam.Recipes with orange are very different, but this is the easiest way to prepare for the winter tasty and healthy dessert.Just half an hour - and a jar of jam prepared.

original recipe

This cooking method also does not require much of your time.And it will rhubarb jam with oranges very tasty.This cooking method offers us not to clean citrus.Just cut the oranges in the medium-sized pieces with the skin - this is the original recipe.The proportions of such ingredients dessert.On two kilograms of rhubarb should take three or four oranges.When we clean up and we shall cut stems, mix them with oranges.Now measure out sugar.Per kilogram of rhubarb-orange mass take the same amount of sugar.Fall asleep sweet sand in a bowl and wait to stand out juice.As soon as he appeared, I put the dishes on the fire (or fall asleep in a bowl Multivarki).Remove the foam and cook for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally.Pour the rhubarb jam with oranges on the sterilized jars, sealed lid, wrapped in a blanket to cool down they are slower.

Special recipe for Multivarki

very nice when the kitchen you have an electric helper - multivarka.Then the process of cooking takes not much time and labor.Modern multivarok is only one drawback - too small volume of the cup.So for this recipe you need to take on half a kilogram of sugar and rhubarb.Mix these two ingredients and wait to stand out juice.Then we shift all in a bowl.Cooking with the valve open time in the "quenching".Then we shift into a jar, sealed.Similarly, preparing and rhubarb jam with orange in multivarka, only further adding citrus fruit (2 pcs.).