Ear piercing baby

birth of a daughter, for every mom is the birth of her princess.As you know, the princess must be the most beautiful, so newly minted mom the first days of the life of her baby try to dress up in ruffles, dresses and all kinds of decorating.Ear is one of the must-girls and mothers often want as quickly as possible to pierce the ears of your child.But before you make this important step in the life of the little princess, it should take into account many important moments.

To begin with - to determine the age when it is better to do ear piercing baby.Specialists of the strict limitations in this case, do not put.But up to a year and a half, it is not necessary to burden the baby unnecessary stress.At this age children already have to endure painful teething.

Psychologists have suggested that the best ears pierced close to 2 years.At this stage, the child is not aware of what he will do, and refers to a procedure less capricious and in adulthood may not remember how her ears pierced.If the mother does not want to rely solely on his personal desire to make her daughter to paint, but for her the most important opinions and girls should wait until the age of three.Then the child can show you purchased earrings to show off in front of the mirror and the girl herself willingly go to the procedure.At older ages, the healing takes place earlobes difficult and painful.

ears pierced should be, of course, by a specialist.Today, this service is very available, you will be able to offer it at almost any beauty salon.It is essential that piercing is a knowledgeable person involved, because important points accumulated lobes, responsible for the operation of many organs.It is necessary to choose the most neutral territory and there pierced.Do this modern tool - a gun.It, unlike the ancient method - the needle does not bring pain.Ask the master of the sterile instruments.If it uses one-time items - is ideal.

device immediately makes the holes and inserts the stud earrings.You can of course insert the jewelry that you have purchased, but initially earrings from the gun more favorably contribute to the healing of lobes, as made of surgical metal.Definitely after the puncture can not wear jewelry with silver or gold plating.Near the wound it is cleared as quickly and provokes suppuration.

Heal lobes 1-3 months, depending on the sensitivity of your child.So that the process goes as quickly and smoothly you need each day to handle the wound.Rub lobe to 2 times a day with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

for piercing the ears of the child, it is best to choose a warm autumn or spring.In winter, it is not necessary, because in the process of dressing sweaters and caps, can damage unhealed lobe.Summer heat stimulates the activity of bacteria that do not favorably affect the healing.It should pick up a girl's hair in ponytails or other updo, so as not to hang earrings and are not recorded microbes in the wound.The next six months after the puncture is not necessary to change the earrings.In the future, especially to experiment, too, is not advised.Earrings should be light, with a good padlock.Carnations and slices fit perfectly, but with tassels little princesses worth to wait.

The rapid desire to see their child the most beautiful, most importantly parents to be prudent and take into account all the "pros" and "cons" of their actions.It is most important that the child would be healthy and in good spirits.

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