Commercial use of the Ob River.

Characteristics of the Ob River, this in many books and reference books, suggests that the source of the watercourse is the confluence of the Katun and the Biya, which is located in the Altai.While some hydrologists, starting from other data argue that the water flow begins elsewhere.Its length - 3650 km.If you take into account also the Irtysh River (the main tributary of the Ob), then together they are the longest river of the Russian Federation, and almost the largest watercourse Asia (second place).Their length is 5410 km.The mouth is the Kara Sea, the confluence of which forms a long bay of 800 km, called "Gulf of Ob."

Brief description

Ob has a pair of large-sized bends, which are formed by the intersection of the Altai Territory.The river is rich in tributaries.They have a sinuous track, sandy stretches and rather broad valleys.Thanks to a steady flow like tributaries and flow of the significance of this reservoir for the state reaches a maximum.

In order to increase the economic use of the Ob River, the dam was built, due to which the flow regime is completely broken.


Ob River is fed through the melting snow.High water in the upper and middle part of the watercourse begins in April, at the bottom - in May.As a result of the freeze-up increases the level of water in the stream.After opening it reaches the critical mark, and the river leaves its banks.However, this does not last long.

often begins summer low water.In the upper reaches of the flood in July ends in September - flooding.In other parts of the river because of the heavy rains high water level can hold before freeze-up.


At the beginning of the watercourse for the Ob river is constantly changing stream flows to the north, then turns south.Due to the fact that it has a different power, the nature of the network and the formation of the regime, there is a division into three zones: the upper, lower and middle.

In order to properly determine the flow path, the Ob River card is required.It flows through the Altai region, and its direction is held in Novosibirsk and Tomsk region.It captures the Khanty-Mansiysk district, which flows through several cities.Then begins the delta of the watercourse, which is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.Washing the nearby towns, the flow expands and flows into the Kara Sea.

Feature Ob River says that in fact it is part of the Katun River, namely its continuation.This river is the main artery of the Altai Territory.Navigable in some areas.

economic use of the river Ob

In 1961, a dam was built watercourse Novosibirsk station.Thanks to her, formed the reservoir (popularly called Ob Sea), which is now used for the needs of the population.During the construction of the dam have been flooding the village and part of Berdsk, a nearby town.Who made the sea resting tourists and locals;built on its banks numerous sanatoriums and recreation.

In the XIX century was formed Ob-Yenisei Canal, which was scheduled to merge the Yenisei and Ob.However, at the moment it is of no importance and completely abandoned.

Ob and its Gulf of Ob Bay are rich in fish: here there are 50 species.Due to the fact that the aqueous stream has a greater concentration of hazardous substances and little oxygen, some representatives of marine animals die.Furthermore, due to the harmful use of human reproduction river fish decreased markedly.However, the water flow is still one of the best places for fishing.

economic use of the river Ob determines its position.Due to the fact that she washes a significant part of the Russian Federation, the water is used in many areas.

Interesting facts

on the water flow is not so long ago, in 2008, there was a tornado.Since then, the area of ​​the river is constantly going on atmospheric vortex.

in a town that lies on the banks of the Ob River, was built in 1930 by a unique barn "Mastodon".Its peculiarity lies in the method of construction: during the construction did not used nails.However, to maintain this facility has not yet been able to, it burned down in the early 90s.

economic use of the river Ob increased after the construction of metro bridge.This special covered bridge, which brings together multiple ports.Its length is 2000 m, which is why he is the longest in the world.In winter, due to weather conditions, namely strong temperature fluctuations, metro bridge is somewhat reduced in size, in the summer - is increasing.In order for this to occur in normal operation, equipped with roller bearings, which allow the design to sway.

watercourse sandy bottom is almost over the entire area.Only sometimes you can stumble upon rifts and stranded.This feature is typical for the area between the Ob Barnaul and Biysk.At the time of the flood waters reach the highest level and the right bank susceptible to flooding.The second period, in which there is a large-scale rise in water levels, falls on June, when melting glaciers and snow on the mountains.Break-up begins in November and the beginning of spring the ice is up to 130 cm in thickness.