How to use sokovarkoy: step by step guide

How nice to open a jar of juice in the winter, which is prepared at home.The question of healthy food is becoming increasingly important these days.People enjoy harvest vitamins for the winter in the form of stewed fruit, jam, jam, and of course, juice.How to cook all this diversity, spending a little time and effort?To do this, there are a lot of home appliances, which comes to the aid of the hosts.To prepare a delicious juice, use a juicer or sokovarku.In the first embodiment, the blank for the winter requires additional heat treatment.But we'll talk about how to use sokovarkoy.

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How to ensure your family a delicious juices for the whole year?Some fruits are available fresh only in certain seasons.Sokovarka help prepare nutritional beverage with a minimum of cost and time.This method is more optimal workpiece.The output is a more juice than using a juicer.The beverage runs parallel to the heat treatment, it can be immediately sent to storage.If you know how to use sokovarkoy, from the raw materials can be taken to get from 50 to 80 percent juice.

Benefits sokovarki

sokovarki main difference from other equipment for the production of juice is its quietness.It does not clog the pulp and does not require constant cleaning.The juice thus obtained has little precipitate.It can be directly poured into jars and roll.Sterilization of such a product is not required.

juice juicer is rapidly oxidized, so it is not suitable for long storage.Ready beverage sokovarki can be stored in the refrigerator, not rolling, about a week and it does not lose its properties.

Vegetables and fruits are laying directly on a large scale, which is more convenient.Juice prepared in sokovarke, turns sweeter.Waste is much smaller and can be used for making marmalade or fruit puree.If you know how to use sokovarkoy, you can easily provide your family with tasty and healthy drink for the whole winter.

The principle of sokovarki

The principle of this cookware is very simple.How to use sokovarkoy?Instructions are always included with the product, but even with the technological advances of the principle of the unit has not changed much.Deal with a very simple device under the force of even a schoolboy.Modern sokovarki differ only in convenience and safety.

They are made from quality materials that are safe for humans.In the process of berries, fruits and vegetables are heated with steam, there is a separation of juice.It flows into the compartment for receiving the liquid and then into the storage tank of the beverage.You only need to watch out for a sufficient amount of water in sokovarke.Preparation portions juice takes about 60-90 minutes depending on the starting material.

device sokovarki

Before sokovarkoy use, it is necessary to examine its structure.It's easy and will not take much time.It consists of three parts.First, the bottom pan is placed on the plate.It is poured into a sufficient amount of water (volume always indicated in the manual).The average amount of fluid is 3-4 liters.The second floor is set a special receiver for juice.

set top basket having openings for draining the juice for the original ingredient.Juice collector also has a hose, which is intended to drain the beverage container.Sokovarki device is very simple, as the process of juicing.

How to use the old sokovarkoy

sokovarkoy How to use the old model?This question is raised by many people when the machine is, as long lost instruction.But modern sokovarki do not differ from their ancestors.The difference is usually only in the appearance and quality of the materials.Modern devices have an advanced design and handles that do not get hot.At the end the differences.Therefore, if you do not know how to use sokovarkoy old-style, then pay attention to the new model or finish reading the article until the end.


start juicing with the preparation of raw materials.Berries, fruits and vegetables carefully sort out and washed.Spoiled and lingering fruit immediately removed.Juice them a little taste of the drink and they can spoil.If the feedstock is a large size (for instance tomatoes or apples), then cut them into pieces.Skin scrape is not necessary.For sokovarki is not a problem, and the benefits it has tangible (vitamins and nutrients).Seeds

better possible to remove (e.g. apples), since they can block the holes juice.So decide the raw materials before use sokovarkoy.Grape juice can be prepared without having to remove the berries from the branches.Grape clusters are placed directly into the container for fruits.

Before sokovarkoy use, it must be well washed, especially if it is new.Then set the lower container on fire and fill it with water according to instructions.Top put sokopriemnik and then a basket of raw materials.Install a hose on the vessel for receiving the juice and strengthen it with a special clamp.It must be removed when sokopriemnike will be a sufficient amount of juice.While preparing the drink, you can prepare dishes for storage.Banks are well washed and sterilize.With enough education juice open the clip and give it to drain into the prepared dish.Banks just have to roll up.

important nuances

purchasing sokovarku, consider its scope.Decide how much to you to process fruits and vegetables.The volume of the unit ranges from 3 to 21 liters.Should not hesitate to impressive size sokovarki.This design helps to get the most delicious drink without much hassle.It is better if it is made of stainless steel.

contact with the product in this case is minimal.It heats up more slowly, but it is not as significant disadvantage.The presence of the temperature sensor is not necessary but desirable.It helps to control the process of juicing.Heed all points before use sokovarkoy on gas and get high-quality and healthy juice.

juice from apples

Very often used for juicing apples.It is the most popular fruit.This simple process has its own secrets.You do not need finely chopped fruit and clean the skin.Sokovarka easily cope with the preparation and larger pieces.Seeds should be possible to remove the apple, so they did not hammer holes into which will flow juice.

Fruits should not be rotten, or the taste of the drink will be spoiled.Be sure to put a clamp on the hose until the juice is not fully ready.The tank must remain raw rind and a very small amount of pulp.To juice it is better kept, it is necessary to add sugar, which is poured on the fruit.The juice is poured immediately into prepared jars and roll covers.

recipe for apple juice

As we have said before use sokovarkoy, apple juice from which turns out very tasty, it is necessary to wash.Fruits are cut into slices with a thickness of 10-15 millimeters.Small pieces, too, do not.They quickly turned into a puree, and the outflow of juice will be difficult.Pour into the pan bottom water sokovarku collect and put in the upper compartment of the apples.In the 3 kilograms of fruit it is necessary to take 400 grams of sugar.

This will prolong the shelf life of the finished drink, and he will be more sweet.Sugar sypem fruits, so he dissolved and warmed with juice.Close the lid and put on sokovarku hose clamp.After 1-1.5 hours, you can remove the clamp and pour the juice into prepared jars.Boil water in the bottom of the container should be rapid to fruit and the juice are well warmed.The most important thing in this process - know how to use sokovarkoy.Apple juice turns out delicious and light.

pumpkin juice

Cook in sokovarke can drink from any berries, fruits and vegetables.Pumpkin is very useful, and the juice out of it get nutritious and flavorful.For the preparation you will need a kilo of peeled and sliced ​​pumpkin and 150 grams of sugar.Sokovarku Put on the fire, pour into the bottom of the water and lay the fruit in the basket.Close the lid and cook sokovarku about 60 minutes.Time depends on volume.Ready juice is cooled and eaten.For longer storage, just spill it into sterilized jars and cover with lid.Store in a cool place.

Select sokovarku

Models sokovarok on the market, very much.Choose the appropriate device is not easy, given that the principle of them is different.Sokovarka "Kalitva" is made from food-grade aluminum.Its value ranges from 1300 to 1600 rubles.How to use sokovarkoy "Kalitva?"Its principle of operation is very simple.Under the influence of steam is released from the raw juice, which accumulates in sokopriemnike and then merges into any container.Volume sokovarki is from 6 to 14 liters, working volume is 3-6 liters.Juicing process takes about 60 minutes.It is this unit in Russia.Sokovarki different material quality, design and volume.Choose to your taste, cook the juice and enjoy the tasty and healthy drink in the cold winter!