As Kellan Lutz became Heracles

vampire Emmett Cullen in "Twilight Saga" actor Kellan Lutz and became a hero with a pile of muscles in the new film "The Legend of Hercules" , which was released this year.But to get the body of a demigod - not such an easy matter, as Kellan Lutz told in an interview with "Men's Health" ( Men's Health ), telling about his fitness regime.

28-year-old star said that the transformation of his body began in the saga "Twilight" , when he used the gym to escape from excessive public attention.

"I was bored. They placed us in these residential complexes, where ever okodachivalis fans and paparazzi. So I propably use bunker in the basement, it has a gym, it was my salvation."

be a "vampire" is also meant to sit on a carefully controlled diet in terms of calories.

"Immortals are supervised by dieticians every hour we were given eight or tonsils, or a plate of spinach," - says Kellan.

actor, who, reportedly followed the diet "caveman", which excludes refined sugar, dairy products, legumes and grains, admits that he is very fussy to restaurant food.

He also explains that he has a strategy - game of misunderstanding when he did not like the menu.

"Just ask if they have a salmon and avocado, and if they could join them for you in a salad. This is a deliberate affectation, but this thing works," - jokes the actor.

As for filming in the role of Hercules, when Lutz had to constantly waving a sword 4 kg, led him in even better shape.

In this painting Hercules fighting against his father, the evil King Amphitryon (Scott Adkins), who goes mad with power, conquering the city-state and is constantly waging a bloody war.

"ass is not just to stay upright on a horse and brandishing a sword affects not only the hands, but also on the whole body," - said Kellan.

He adds that, not being a fan of racing, it burns fat intensive work in the gym.

Full text of the interview can be found in the March issue "Men's Health" , which went on sale today, January 31.

Photo Source: WENN, Daily Mail