Floral Business

If you're thinking about otrkytii his case, it is possible you will approach the flower business for both the beginning and for ongoing activities.

Flowers are always a good demand and have a cheat from 100 to 500%.And on March 8, florists make a minimum monthly sales.The downside is the fact that the flowers of perishable goods.

First you need to study the market and make a business plan which will include all costs and estimated payback period of business.It usually starts with one or more stores and also creates

SHOP flowers, which is now becoming more relevant than the actual stores.Demand for flowers through the Internet is growing every day.However proprortsionalno growth rostet and competition on the Internet.The Internet is now so full of sites that sell flowers, bouquets and related products.In order to attract customers have to first put low price on the website and in the store.

now start in a row.

1. We need to find suppliers of fresh flowers.You have to ride on wholesale bases and those who most want to conclude a contract.You also need to negotiate with the other base and have it prozapas.But later is better to find direct suppliers of flowers from Ecuador and the Netherlands.Also I recommend to stop by the flower market and ask the price there.You have 100% will be occasions when you urgently need to order flowers and wholesalers for some reason you can not bail out and then can come to the aid of the flower market, where cheap prices though not of the best quality you can buy flowers.This is a good solution, especially if you plan them in the same day to sell.

2. It is important to find a good point of sale.It should be a good cross.A minimum of 150 people per hour.It is advisable to put a shop near the office, because offices often take flowers and bouquets are usually on which you will have a great cheat.House shops for example in a residential area average check your ubdet much less than near the office.People will go out and buy 3-5 CHRYSANTHEMUMS for 200-300 rubles, while the office staff for example an employee's birthday come and buy a bouquet from 1000 p.The sleeping area also need to sell potted plants, they're in good demand.It is important that the competition was not around or were coming no closer than 500 meters away from you.If you are not a florist, you will need to take courses and to devote some time (if you want), or hire a professional florist shop.Florist will collect bouquets for orders through the Internet.They usually work for a salary and a percentage of sales.Or money to pay for access, and a percentage of sales.Also, the store will have to put the air conditioning, but rather a special refrigerator for flowers.This allows colors stored in your shop several weeks.

3. You also need to make the Internet a flower shop.For this have to contact the company on site or acquaintances who are engaged.Typically, online flower shop is more a calling card works like a shop full site for online sales.The site should be payment by bank transfer (it is not hard to do, but will pay commission and withdrawals).The most difficult is the advertising and promotion.

You also need to come up with an original name of the store, which should be easy to remember and to be pleasing to the ear.It should be nice and original shop and arrange a site.It is also very important.Also today often sell flower business when they want to do something else or it they did not work out.

I hope my article was helpful