How to teach a child to speak?

In our society, communication is one of the main ways of communication.That's why mothers want as soon as possible to teach a child speaking.After all, if the parents have learned to recognize the individual syllables of his child and the lowing of the request to eat or get a favorite teddy bear from the top shelf, it is hard to see strangers vaguely articulated his desire.

begins to deal with a toddler can have 4-5 months.During this period begins Gulen, and after a few months the baby begins to babble.It is necessary to respond to him.

first develop a child's imitation of syllables.As soon as your child begins to listen to the syllables and sounds, which he himself and says, speak clearly and repeatedly "ma-ma", "pa-pa", "ba-ba" and other simple words.Try it for yourself and listen to the syllables, which babbles baby - so you define what it is able to pronounce the letters and makes up syllables of them.

Teach your child to look for items by name.After six months, the baby can find items look at the question "where?".At first a few times slowly and clearly call object and pointing to it, and after some time you will see how his eyes pipsqueak looking after your words.Of course, better to choose a large and bright objects that have a permanent place - a chair, table, wardrobe, lamp, flower, clock, bed.

Later begin to motivate action.Saying, "Give a spoon", "take-doll", "look at the cat."Yet it is very important to teach the child to recognize his name.Repeat it often.

After 7 months begin to simple games, rhymes.Take a pen and show the baby simple movement, which then become part of the game.So you will quickly learn the child's "Okay" "Forty-white-sided" and other simple fun.Already soon the baby will start to show you some games on their own movement.

to 10 months parents tend to notice that a child can say the new syllables, imitating their parents.First pipsqueak sensitively listens to speech and communication between mothers and fathers themselves, with others and with himself.Then he starts to self repeat some simple syllables for him, and sometimes even mimic the tone.

Every day your child makes a discovery.By the year it perfectly responds to daily requests.He absorbs everything he sees around: knowledge, emotions, behavior rules.At the age of one to three years loving parents can give their child a lot.When the child turns a year, he usually can already speak a few sensible words and vocabulary updated every week.

course, speaking, like many other skills a child is very individual.But mom and dad can help develop crumbs.

to your child quickly learned to speak, follow a few simple rules:

- Constantly communicate with the child.

If you are cooking food in the kitchen - crumbs describe in simple terms how and what to cook, what to do with products, who will be there.If you plan to walk - tell the child what to wear, what the weather is outside, wherever you want to go, what to take with you.If you went for a walk with a stroller - tell us about all the animals that you meet along the way, read the poem and Counting.If you go to a clinic or a shop - say where you're going, describe who you will meet there, and what you will do.

- simulates the sound around.

Try to reproduce the sounds that produces equipment (car, plane, motorcycle, tractor, truck), animals (birds, cats, dogs, beetles), natural phenomena (wind howls, knocking drops falling hail).Very soon you will notice that the child himself is trying to attract your attention to run past a dog sounds "aw-aw" or the wind buzzing "oo-oo-oo."Support the baby, describe in words what is happening.

- Develop fine motor skills of the fingers.

Experts have proven that well developed fine motor skills are closely linked to the development of speech.So pay attention to the game with small objects.Naturally, the need to closely monitor that child does not try to draw in her mouth and swallow what is played.Pawing beans or peas with your baby.You can still give some items unbreakable dishes and pour the buttons or beads from one bowl to another.Play in the sandbox: build the city together, cook food, dig tunnels.

Engage molded from clay or salt dough that is easy to do yourself.Together, make a scene from your favorite fairy tales, show what parts consist favorite characters child.Here you can discuss the story or tale to describe the colors using.

Already 2-3 years can bring crumbs to help with the housework - roll cutlets in flour to make a cake or divided Mandarin.First, the child is unlikely to get everything carefully, but, believe me, he will try his best.

- Read and retell old.

Read your child and tell him stories, fairy tales and poems, sing songs together.Try to play with the tone, voicing various characters in his stories.After reading the story, ask your child questions - who liked more, why, for whom the tale.Try to dream together, where to go after the final characters in a fairy tale scene.

complement their stories demonstration bright, colorful, high-quality illustrations and pictures.And do not forget that the work should be age-appropriate baby!You can also actively use children filmstrips, presentations, cards.

- Encourage voice the names of objects.

When your child pulls the handle, so that you gave him a desired object, do not rush immediately to fulfill his moaning or tacit request.Give it a purpose other object with the same shelf and pretend that it did not understand, until he will announce needed.Explain: "I do not understand.It is necessary to say: let the spoon. "Do not forget to negotiate and its actions: "I give you a spoon - a spoon on."

But most importantly, remember that every child develops individually.Do not panic if someone of your friends have the same age as the baby-says, do not rush and do not scold your child - be patient, and after a while you will notice a new success of your toddler.

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