Inkjet printer with CISS: customer reviews

When choosing office equipment for the home or office of any user faced with a problem: what to prefer - inkjet or laser system?Low cost black and white printing laser device simply incommensurable with the expensive colored printing.Designed to meet the needs of the user printer with CISS, continuous ink supply system, which will allow for high-quality color printing at virtually no cost.

What is it?

It's no secret that all of the manufacturers of office equipment to earn not on the device, and supplies.Anyone who bought an inkjet printer can find it only in the expended cartridge refilling at least 100% of the initial cost of new equipment.And this is not the limit.Involuntarily have to think about reducing costs.Stop printing does not work, because the print head is withered, and the printer will have to throw away, but the idea of ​​self-charging will be interesting.

It is for those users who constantly need color printing, but also very concerned about cost, the printer was created with CISS.And if at first continuous ink supply system was sold separately from the printer, over the past few years, manufacturers of office equipment to customers given the opportunity to buy a printing plant.

printing without borders

first appeared on the market Inkjet Printer Epson with CISS.The popularity of this device with printing factory was so great that in a year were published more than a dozen models with built-in continuous ink supply.Manufacturer tried.Since the budget class, shop windows filled up professional devices for printing color images at high resolutions.Many MFIs can work without connecting to a PC.The presence of Wi-FI or printing on large format pages is also not a problem.

However, drying of the printhead is not insured, no ink-jet device, so the user is obliged to 1-2 times a week to print a test page.It is quite difficult to set up automatically on the computer.Using Task Scheduler and control the presence of paper in the paper tray, you can ensure that your own CISS printer will take care of themselves.

interesting models Epson

Budget Epson printer with CISS as built must have not only the lowest price, and low and the cost of printing.The manufacturer submitted a variety of customers in the form of two models L110 and L120 at the price of 8-10 thousand rubles, including the very CISS and ink to it.Expect that the printer will print high-quality photos, it is not necessary, but if a family has a student, such a device will be needed.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the devices that fall under the title of "printing factory", have a cost of 20 thousand rubles and higher.These printers allow not only on photographic paper, but also on ordinary sheets of print images in high resolution, can work without borders, and connecting them to a PC is not required.

professional desktop printing system that supports A3 greater demand in the business.In addition to the speed and print quality, the unit to cope with the large volume of work.Well proven, all professional line «R» by Epson.For example, an inkjet printer with CISS Epson R2000 is available in a complete set of 50 thousand rubles.

competitors are not asleep

But CISS for HP printer manufacturer prefers to sell separately.This decision was not supported by buyers and, judging by the reviews of the owners, negatives to devices with a system of continuous ink supply more than positive comments.In addition, the printer has a large size on the table need to find a place where you can place the bulb of paint that using special tubes are connected to the print head.

the inconvenience of film ends and the potential buyer is offered in several price ranges to choose the object of his desires.Inexpensive models HP OfficeJet 7110 can be purchased for around 10,000 rubles, its printing permit would be enough for domestic use.

middle class represented by the model HP PhotoSmart Pro factory continuous ink supply system consisting of eight colors, along with black.Judging by the reviews of the owners, this is the best series of inkjet printers, which are positioned as a printing factory.Let the price of the device, and is within 50 thousand rubles, but this series printers have negative reviews.

small oddities

CISS Printer Canon, according to many reviews, is no better than rival HP.Those tubes and headache with the placement of the ink cans.As compared with competitors Canon device, having similar characteristics in each recess have a lower price.What caused this - is unclear.However, to buy a photo printer on the cheap is unlikely that anyone would refuse.

During use, many owners have discovered that the printer and the print head to the ink picky.Wanting to save at the pump, you can substitute proprietary ink to fill the ink from cheap WWM.Sorry, the printer "Epson" with CISS afford such a luxury can not afford, otherwise the user has received along with the low price and high quality comfort, that is not like HP, and the Canon in terms of the placement of continuous printing near the printer.

problems and their solutions

matter what inkjet printer with CISS bought a user, and what price he paid for it, sooner or later have a problem with the inability to print any color.The fact that the continuous ink supply system is an option in the printer and how to complete a certified technology available.Banal drying of the printhead nozzles or entering the air in the system will cause damage to the printer.

Judging by the numerous reviews of users, do not do repairs yourself, trying to blow or wash the cartridge.Save the printer can only service center and shipping it to the experts to be the fastest since the discovery of the problem.In most cases, a delayed reaction by the problem will make it the owner of a new inkjet printer.

In conclusion

As can be seen from the survey, it is quite popular and in demand printers with CISS.User reviews are quite logical.If you want to save money - forget about quality.Need a photo printing - be prepared to fork out.In any case, the buyer would prefer inkjet printing.After all, over the last decade "laser photo printing" remained inaccessible not only for ordinary users, and photo studios.Market printers with CISS is quite extensive, and the buyer, if he wants to buy the device for their needs, should examine every model is very meticulously, paying attention to feedback from other buyers.