What is "apostle" in Christianity and not only

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New Testament often mentions the word "apostle" in different variations.Usually this term is found in the life of Jesus Christ.What the Apostle, determining the value of the term you will learn from this article.

first Christians

Followers of Christian doctrine knew what the Apostle in Rome.The definition of the word is difficult to understand if you do not know the history of early Christianity.The ideas of the Christian world were entirely new among the followers of the traditional religions of the time.The inhabitants of the Roman Empire lived in the three parts of the world - in Europe, Asia and North Africa, spoke different languages, had different upbringing and worldview.The followers of the new religion was not easy.In order to spread the Christian doctrine, we had to constantly travel, communicate with new people, to spread the new doctrine of God and have the great gift of persuasion.The first people who devoted themselves to this activity, called themselves apostles.

Explanation term

That is the apostle, can be learned from the translation of the term from the Greek language.The ancient word goes back to ἀπόστολος, which means "ambassador" or "a messenger."The first apostles were told that they were messengers of the new doctrine and new faith.They carried the message of the Son of God and the sacrifice to which he went in the name of people.According to legend, the word was coined by Jesus Christ himself.So he called his closest disciples and followers.

first apostles

Christian Church provides a clear definition of what the apostle.In the New Testament they call those who do not know Christ first hand, helped him and follow his teachings.Initially, the twelve apostles were considered the most people close to him who shared the new doctrine.Betrayed by Judas ranks of the apostles, supplemented by two faithful followers of the new doctrine.So students and the most ardent followers of Christianity was thirteen.There is a separate book of the New Testament tells about the activity of the apostles after Christ's death and his resurrection from the dead.They made a lot of glorious deeds, spread new ideas, but because of the persecution of the authorities, almost all were martyred.

Christianity and Rome

Roman Empire at first extremely negative attitude to the new faith.Adherents of Christianity learned the hard way what the Apostle in Rome.Christianity was persecuted, and the followers of the new doctrine were persecuted.They were forced to hide in the catacombs, whispered furtively to transmit the message of the Savior.No wonder the symbol of the first Christians had the fish - as a sign of secrecy and silence.

Despite the oppression, new teachings continued to spread and to recruit more and more adepts.Soon the apostles accepted into their ranks another 70 believers.This event is described in a separate book of the New Testament, which is called the "Acts of the Apostles."All converts are disciples of Christ and to preach the new faith.

history of the word "apostle»

After some time, national authorities in Rome realized the unreasonableness of the fight against the new religion.Christianity received state support and become the official faith.What the apostle, what does this man is and what place it occupies in Christianity - is already known in the western and eastern parts of the Roman Empire.One of the most important books of Christianity is called the "apostle."
Gradually the word is becoming very popular, and in some areas it becomes the name or surname.Among eastern Slavs the name of the Apostle is quite common.Apostle - known dynasty of the Ukrainian Cossacks, which gave the country a few Hetman.In Russia, there was a noble family Mouravieff-Apostol, famous for his participation in the Decembrist movement.In Bulgaria and Serbia is a fairly common surname.In Greece, there is a name.

In the Russian language the word can be used in a figurative sense.Earlier, the question "What is an apostle?"lawyers could answer that this appeal.Literary - that was the name of the first printed book in Russian, published in the mid-17th century.Currently, the word denotes a staunch supporter of an idea.