How to get the effect of ice?

How to get the effect of ice

?This question is particularly interested in the magic of those who believe that the element of water can give a person a special gift, and heal it from all diseases and give an incredible vitality.

Understanding water

How to get the power of ice?To answer this question, you should find out why the frozen liquid can affect the energy and the human biofield.The fact that water is the basis of all life on planet Earth.Even in ancient times there were a lot of traditions that have been associated with the use of a liquid for the incredible energy force.And this is no accident.As is known, the human body is composed of 80-90% water.

Unfortunately, over time, people have lost some of the traditions that have ceased to appreciate water and treat it with respect, with reverence.But today, there are still psychics, healers, magicians and healers who use life-giving liquid or ice from it to increase their own strength, improve health and so forth.

How to get the effect of ice?

Surprisingly, the question there is a lot of answers, as usual, or use ice melt water to produce energy force can be different.For those who can not imagine how to do this, we will describe in detail a number of ways.

Water purification

Before you understand how to get the power of ice, it should be properly done.To do this, use only purified water as the liquid from the tap is the technology, especially if you live in the city.

It should be noted that today there are three types of filters.First purifies the water from the solids, including mud from conventional.Usually, it is installed on the water system.Second eliminates water from salts of heavy metals, chlorine and rust.The third type of filter appeared relatively recently and, as stated by the manufacturer, it purifies liquid from almost all impurities.

After the water is filtered, it should be freeze (boil it is not recommended).To this end, it is desirable to use special molds for ice cubes or any other suitable container.

How have the force of the ice?To recharge with frozen water, it should be once a week to wipe his face and body cooked cubes.It is worth noting that the effect does not have to wait long, because such procedures not only give you courage and incredible energy, but also contribute to normal blood circulation and improve your skin condition.

Drink melted water

strength of the ice can not only overcome the disease, but also to clear your thoughts.As you know, the good water - melted, because during freezing its structural memory is purified and freed of the negativity that has been soaked it while traveling through pipelines.

To prepare a medicinal liquid water must be put in the freezer.After partial freeze first formed a crust of ice should be discarded and the remainder put back in the refrigerator.When water freezes exactly half the remaining liquid should be drained.As for the ice received, it is he, and we need it.It is required to put in a bowl and let it thaw naturally.

as having the force of the ice?This question probably know the answer centenarians who live in the mountains and regularly drink thawed mountain water.If you get it at home, as described above, and then charged with the help of good thoughts and nice words, it is able to positively impact not only on health, but also the soul.However, it is recommended to do it consciously, with faith.In no case can not forget to thank the water.


To recharge the ice, it is advisable to actively engage in sports in the winter.To do this, you can arrange a morning jog on the frosty streets, pour ice water wipes the snow after a bath, dive through the hole, etc.Such procedures are hardened your body, saturate it healthy and clean energy, and you will never get sick.


No wonder during the holiday season, most people go to rest at sea, after long being near water helps the body to quickly relax and recharge your batteries at the same time.

If you can not afford to go on holiday, you can just go to clean the pond and enjoy the noise of the forest, the wind, the murmur of water.By the way, it would be nice to go into the mountains, where there are hot springs.In taking such a bath, you will feel like all your negative thoughts are gone, and the body is cleansed, it becomes more beautiful and healthy.

If a holiday and you are not able to organize, get an ordinary fountain for garden or a similar attribute table.