How to connect the keyboard to the PC

So, today we will try to deal with you, how to connect the keyboard to the computer.At first glance, this idea may seem pretty easy.But in fact, as a rule, some problems occur.And that they did not arise, we try to deal with all the cases that they can relate to our topic today.Let's look at how to connect the keyboard to the computer.

What are the keyboard?

But before the procedure will have to run a bit on the varieties of our equipment to be connected.After all, it will depend on the whole algorithm of our actions.Fortunately, remember the main types of keyboards are not so difficult.

first option, which is only found in the shops - is the "gold standard".The most common model of the old equipment, which is connected to a desktop computer.It can be absolutely any design.Unfortunately, these keyboards are rarely found in a game.They are more suitable for the average user.It is because of this type of equipment can occasionally cause problems.After all, our "gold standard" can not connect to the laptop.Thus, it is necessary to think how to connect the keyboard to the computer (stationary).

second option - a USB-equipment.Such keyboards are universal.Ona are both conventional and with different "twists".For example, a game version: it is usually a separate panel with additional functions.Think about how to connect the keyboard to the computer (this type), do not have very long.

latter option, which only can be found - a wireless equipment.Keyboards and mice of this type usually occur very often, and different models.Then there are games and standard options.To be honest, most popular first.And it is with this type of keyboards are often problems.But more on that later.Let's try to figure out how to connect the keyboard to the computer.

traditional keyboard

So, let us start with the most ancient method.It refers mainly to the desktop computer and the old keyboard.After all, only such equipment has a special connector.It is called the PS / 2.

If you are thinking where to connect the keyboard to the computer, which has a "chubby" connector, look closely at your "car."On the back you'll find two round jacks: one - a purple, and the other - green.This is the place we needed.

If you had to think about how to connect the keyboard to your computer, just plug your keyboard into the green connector.Usually, the end of the wire will be colored similarly to the socket on the PC.That's all.No problem.Now you can turn on your PC, and then safely use the connected equipment.

As mentioned, PS / 2 connector is not on notebooks.This means that we have to use, or wireless equipment, or USB.Not so this problem.Let's quickly look at what's what.


Now proceed with you to the next version, more modern - USB-equipment.We have to figure out how to connect the keyboard to your computer via USB.As a rule, there arises no problem practically.Why is that?All due to the fact that this type of equipment is versatile.It can be attached to both the desktop PC and your laptop.In addition, this option is the most common and familiar to modern users.

The first thing you need - is to find a computer USB-jack.Now simply attach a keyboard to it.And you can use it.In cases where you have installed the operating system "Vindovs 7" or a later version, the computer can try to identify the driver.Of course, they are unlikely to be found, do not be alarmed it.But there is another very interesting point that should be considered.True, he is not always there.

"Surprises" USB

One rather interesting question that should affect - is the installation of additional programs.They are used to implement specific functions of your keyboard.As a rule, the problems start after you have connected the equipment.For example, no additional work on the game panel keypad.Thus, the connection process remains incomplete.What to do?

Just take a drive and install a custom content.It's not really the driver - rather, additional libraries.Installation CD is usually supplied complete with a keyboard.That is why this issue is not particularly complicated for today's users.In an extreme case, all necessary libraries can be easily found on the World Wide Web.But it is better not to use such a method.After all, often under such content is encrypted viruses and other computer infection.


But if you're wondering how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to your computer, then you have to try fairly.After all, with this type of equipment, as a rule, there are very big problems.Which ones?Let us try to find them and fix them in advance.

For example, we have to install the drivers.This is a package of libraries and content required for proper operation of your equipment.As a rule, they are available at a special installation CD, which is available bundled with the keyboard.Installation is similar to the regular program.With this task can handle each.

second point that is worth considering - that's what your computer has to be bluetooth.And the program, and the equipment itself.The thing is that laptops are now available, and the opportunity for all the drivers correctly display the PC is already established.But for stationary options, usually made to buy special equipment.It looks like an ordinary USB flash drive and plugs into the USB-socket.Without this you will not be able to stick to initialize the computer via bluetooth.When you are satisfied that the problems done, you can think about how to connect the wireless keyboard (and mouse) to your computer.

via bluetooth

Well, now it's time to direct action.In truth, the wireless equipment is connected quite easily and simply.But even here there are two versions of events.

first - is to use a special bluetooth chip.It connects to the USB-connector, and then you have to turn on the mouse and keyboard (depending on the connected add-ons).After that, wait for a while until the initialization is complete the device.That's all - you can use it and not to think about the length of the wires.

The second option, which is found, by the way, more often - it's when you turn on bluetooth on your computer, and then on your equipment.Specifically, a keypad to be set to work.For this purpose there is a special button.Now open on the computer a list of bluetooth devices, and find your name there "Claudia".Double-click on the label - and all problems are solved.You can use the equipment.


So, today we have learned to connect the keyboard to the computer.As you can see, it can be quite a difficult process.Especially if you do not know what and in what sequence to do.

In fact, many are trying to choose the USB-keyboard.With them it is easy to notice, issues several times less than any other option.In general, choose the model of the new device, and then proceed to action.