The settlement of tax disputes

tax disputes in most cases occurs due to disagreement with the actions of payers or decisions of tax authorities.The reason for creating conflicts often becomes the absence of a refusal to refund the tax for added value or the blocking of bank accounts.Settlement of tax dispute may upon application to the court or in the appeal to a higher authority.It is worth noting that the first option is more effective, especially when connected to a case of qualified lawyers.Representatives of the Tax Inspectorate, many often do not comply with the control rules very carefully.And even if the offense was still, failure to comply with formalities - it is quite sufficient reason for the annulment.To protect the rights of their clients experienced lawyers are often errors in the tax authorities.

Dispute Resolution Practice shows that the campaign for the tax inspectorates rarely ends with success.However, most organizations do not wish to make enemies, preferring to solve problems peacefully.To go to court, they are not solved, even when communication with the heads of the tax authorities does not bring results.Of course, every man for himself determines the pattern of behavior in these situations, but it is worth remembering that because of this careless attitude among officials can develop a sense of impunity and superiority.

settlement of tax disputes before litigation

legislation in some cases provided for the mandatory pre-trial settlement of conflicts.Such is the assertion of the tax authorities the decision on calling the taxpayer to liability or the abandonment of attraction.They endured as a result of visiting or desk audit.The remaining solutions can be immediately challenged in court.After you received any of the conclusions (to be awarded no later than five days after the issuance), the taxpayer must file an appeal or a common complaint to a higher authority.The appeal shall be prepared within ten days from the date of delivery of the decision, the action of which the period of the complaint is stopped.The reply from the tax authority is given within one month after receipt of the complaint.The period under certain circumstances can be extended by up to six months.

settlement of tax disputes in court

If the complaint to a higher authority does not work, for which the taxpayer is expected, he may appeal against the court decision (for three months from the date of its adoption).The settlement of tax disputes has one difficulty, which is that even experienced lawyers is difficult to navigate in an inhomogeneous and the vast array of legislation.Also, the process greatly complicates the need to incorporate instruction departments and versatility enforcement.Thus, to solve the judicial tax disputes on their own, without using the services of professionals, it becomes almost impossible.