What is a good blender cooking for kids

Many young mothers, especially in these days, want to feed your baby purees or juices homemade.First - it is much cheaper than buying ready-made at the store, and secondly, you can be confident in the quality of products used.To prepare the sauce is best suited quality blender that will combine a variety of useful functions.But in order to select it, you have to decide a few moments to learn what a good blender, and what is the best.Will this small tips in this article.

Which is better to choose a blender: immersion, combined or landline?

Pros and cons of different models of popular brands such as Bosch, PHILIPS or Braun

First of all, since the choice of this convenient appliance is determined with the number of functions it will perform.If you want to crush ice, nuts or other solid foods, the best option would be to model fixed.This blender is set on the table and has several removable bowls, but the only drawback is that it is poorly chops vegetables.The pieces to be considerably larger.Simply pu

t, it combines the functions of a food processor, but the cost of such an acquisition would be much cheaper.

Combined blender combines all the positive qualities of the previous models.Number of nozzles and a large bowl volume significantly expands its capabilities.

Which is better to choose a blender to grind mixes, mashed potatoes and vegetables?Of course, the dip.Its main disadvantage is the need to keep the device in his hands during the work.But it does not take up much space in the kitchen and is ideal for making baby food at home.

Determine the power of what a blender is the best.

Do not forget about the power of the engine, the higher it is, the more solid foods can grind a blender.The best option would be from 750 to 1000 watts.So you can chop vegetables and even meat for stuffing.And the question of what a good blender will disappear by itself.

  • speed.

You can select not only necessary capacity but also the number of rates.And how to understand a good blender, a five or ten-speed.If you need to knead the dough, it is best to choose a device with a lot of speed to during operation could switch between them.The best will be smooth shifting, which reduces the amount of load on the engine and increase the product lifetime.

Select bowl.

What else is important in deciding what a good blender.Be sure to pay attention to the material from which made the cup.The best option would be plastic, which is not only perfectly clean, but he proverhnost antiseptic and do not expose from the comminuted products.Of course, the best can be considered a glass bowl of the blender, but there is always a probability of break.Plastic bowl quite fragile and may explode at any moment.But if you choose a good blender with plastic or plastic cup is best to give preference to the first.Since she survive long life and easy to clean.

Any good blender has multiple attachments, the body and the cup of thick hygienic plastic.Nozzles provide even the most crushing hard foods such as nuts or hard vegetables.The quality of the material of which the blender is made will also affect its durability.The denser the material, the longer the life of the product.And the problem is, better to choose a blender will disappear by itself, since it will be possible to buy a model with multiple functions and for little money.Successful purchases!