Nordic character: Features

Probably almost every one of us looked wonderful film "Seventeen Moments of Spring".Remember, in the dossier to the members of the German military intelligence, were the words: "The nature of Nordic resistant"?So we talk about the best of the best.But is this good personality traits, if is so revered and cherished for the citizens of Nazi Germany?Let's understand that a Nordic character.

For a start is better to look into the etymological roots of the word."Nord" translated from many languages ​​means north.Therefore, in the minds of many at once will form images of cold, harsh environmental conditions, restraint and other features similar to those listed.Therefore, the nature of stable, nordic, cold, restrained - are synonymous.

As mentioned earlier, such personality traits especially valued citizens (particularly military and intelligence) Nazi Germany.What was the reason?The fact that Adolf Hitler invented the (so - invented), some Aryan race, which supposedly is the most important among the other races, as has the stamina, courage, balance, stamina and aristocratic appearance.So, Nordic character was one of the essential elements and personality traits that were supposed to be inherent in the "true Aryans."It is believed that these people are capable of doing the necessary Nazi Germany.

Separately to say about the appearance, which should be combined Nordic character.In this Norden, whether male or female, should be elongated narrow face.The nose is too long and narrow, prominent and direct.Chin - gnarly.The eyes of the European type, medium size, should have a gray or blue.Hair - blond, gray, blond color.The figure - slim, growth - high.Nords are required to have good stamina and physical strength.

little moving away from the topic, I want to note that none of the ruling and military elite of Nazi Germany, this did not match the image.Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Rem ... All of them, of course, were rigid and "cold", but their appearance does not correspond to the Aryan and Nordic.

Today, such a characterization as "Nordic character" applies to ordinary people, including Europeans.At the same time it is not necessary that a man with such a character - the evil and cruel.Not at all.This means that it is just a very well-balanced, carefully pondering each step, weighing the "pros" and "cons", be very careful in the words (or one sentence, tell them not uttered just like that, nothing else to do), has a high degreePersistence and calculating and cold analysis in a variety of critical situations.

If we talk about the positive and negative sides of the Nordic nature, it can be attributed to the pluses:

- resistance to stress;

- the ability to quickly make important decisions;

- calm and restraint.

As for minuses, they enough:

- closed, strongly expressed introversion;

- the inability to communicate with people, making friends, family;

- weak emotion.

Nordic character - a rare trait, almost never occur in "concentrated" form.Holders of such a nature as only wish wisely use their positive qualities.