Proverbs about the person - their deep sense and a wide variety of

Proverbs about a person are, perhaps, one of the most popular and frequently used.That proverb that famous sayings of great men - they are used in everyday life.We do not think even when we say them.

honor and dignity

Man has always been, is and will remain the center of attention.Because it is considered to be the crown of creation of the Almighty.And many proverbs about the man turn to his honor and dignity.The famous saying goes: life without sin can not live, and without shame shall not wear.This phrase can be regarded as a kind of consolation.All of us tend to blame themselves for any actions or words.A lot of people who have committed their chance, and even kill to the end of life.But this saying can actually serve as a kind of consolation.After all, what's the meaning of it: nobody is perfect, and in this life, it is simply impossible to remain innocent and sinless.Or, as they say, everyone has a right to make mistakes.

And here is another proverb, the exact opposite: "dishonorable man capable of dishonest dealing."It addresses the issue of morality and ethics.Even explaining the meaning is not necessary.

duplicity and deception

Not the best qualities of a person.But, unfortunately, they do occur.And here's another adage, we use it more often all the rest: "The still waters run deep."These sayings of the person are clear and close to everyone.Another: "View - Falcon. Voice - a crow."Very well-matched comparison.It's clear that in this case we are talking about the fact that people often build themselves from those with which in fact are not.

Proverbs about a man - a real works of folk art.Because in a short phrase, consisting of only a few words, people managed to accommodate such a meaning that makes you wonder and immerse themselves in their thoughts.Some of the sayings of a man become subjects for dissertations.Nowadays, of course, there are other sayings, new, but they are not as profound as those that were before.And there they will not last as long.Take, for example, the good old "mote in another's eye sees, and his - and the log does not notice."It is unlikely that someone will be able to remember how many centuries has this adage.And this, incidentally, is another striking feature.Many proverbs and sayings of the man were created hundreds of years ago.However, to this day they are relevant.You can not say about the modern quotations - they can hardly be "example" in the long-standing era.

nature and humanity

There is a good proverb, although not very well known.It goes like this: "There is no money, but he - gold."This phrase warms the soul of many people.Those who do not have wealth, but there is a wonderful character.Often we hear expressions such as: "This is not a man, it is - the gold!"It is not a comparison - a simplified version of the above sayings.After all, everyone knows that gold - the purest of metals, jewelry perfection.So it is not surprising that with it compared lovely people.

But saying "the leopard change his spots" are very popular, as it is impossible accurately characterizes stubborn selfish.Unfortunately, not everyone in our society - people with great character and a pure soul.There is also a "humpback".In a figurative sense, of course.But why is this word?Yes, because the hump - a pathology that can not be cured.Similarly, as the characters are not corrected some people.

Quotes of the great

Proverbs on "person" varied.However, the individual attention I would like to honor the quotation belonging to the great figures.Naturally, on the same subject.Of course, they are more modern.Oscar Wilde, for example, said that it is absurd to divide people into good and bad.Because they are either charming or boring.Dante claimed that the wisest course is the person that annoying pointless waste of time.And Arthur Schopenhauer once mentioned: It is important that there is a man, not what he has.

is worth noting that all these statements are appealing to morality.This is not surprising.After all, the concept of "man" and "morality" are inextricably linked, as the latter term refers to the true path of moralizing, and it can only get reasonable person.

the wide Russian soul

On the whole Russian people compose legends.It is known to everyone - abroad about us subject to these myths.But best of all can talk about our soul goes.Russian man - this is really something unique.No wonder it is said that God is in heaven and on earth - Russia.Generally, all the sayings of our people is very apt and catchy - it's hard not to acknowledge.That there is only one "and one in the field - a warrior, in Russian if he is cut out."In this brief phrase shows all the power, strength and courage of the Russian people.The same thing - in the famous sayings, "who comes to us with a sword will come - he will die by the sword."

Proverbs there are many.And each of them - in their own special, unique.In all of them is a deep meaning, which makes you wonder.In this - their uniqueness.