"Pique vests" that mean?

Sustainable phrase "pique vest" has long and firmly established in the Russian language, both spoken and in literature.But not everyone, when faced with this expression, understands what is at stake.This article will help you understand.


To begin to make out the word "pique".What is the "peak"?This word of French origin - pique, literally means "quilted."In our language, so-called double plain weave cotton fabric, which has a convex pattern, meaning it quilted, warm.Accordingly, no unusual sense this phrase in itself does not carry.What is it such?In our speech, it appeared and secure thanks to the immortal works, who wrote Ilf and Petrov - "The Golden Calf", released in 1931.

What does the phrase "pique vests?"

For those who do not read, or do not remember it in the book - a small digression.In the novel "The Golden Calf" in the Black Sea in its accustomed place at the dining room every day we are going to a venerable old man, clad in white pique vest and straw hat boater.Older

men were out of work, so they discussed the news that was subtracted in the Moscow newspaper "Pravda", as the local press, they did not trust.

solemnly as true experts of all fields of knowledge, they discussed what is happening in the world and in the country to evaluate the actions of politicians and diplomats, guessed their secret motives and intentions, thoughtfully reasoned that what did not understood or were malosveduschi.And also believed that their town has played an important role in world geopolitics.The emphasis on warm jackets made of old age because they are hopelessly outdated, even for its time, as the jackets themselves and their vehicles.Subsequently, this phrase has become a household name.

pique vests - which means in real time?

Actually, the value is almost the same as in the novel "The Golden Calf."These are ordinary people, regular folk who like to discuss various contentious issues, setting themselves professional experts in all fields of science, politics, economy, sports, although in fact are ignorant in this matter and in fact engaged in idle talk.At the same time they expose their opinions as the only true.

changed it make sense?

Yet much has changed since those times, described in the novel, which was created by Ilf and Petrov "Golden Calf".They pique vests were respectable elderly people who had nothing to do after retirement.But now pique vests are people of completely different age, sex and social stratum.In fact, this phenomenon has become a sort of phenomenon, the cause of which is difficult to understand.You never know what will push a person, even intellectual, become pique waistcoat.

Why is this happening?

modern world with its technological progress has brought to the work of pique vests a lot of new features.The Internet provides access to all kinds of mass media.It is not just the newspaper "Pravda", a mass of different sources: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the Internet edition, social networks and others.And all this is in the public domain.In addition, more and more people do not want to work, work, everyone wants to do nothing and get money out of thin air.And they spend all their time on the Internet.This is not the "Golden Calf", where pique vest can share your opinion with small group of interlocutors, he now has at his disposal a huge audience of millions of people.

From there all sorts of so-called "experts", "analysts", as well as bloggers and commentators simple.It's just an opinion they do not.They either interpret or simply regurgitate the source of the information, which they consider the only true.Here there is a direct parallel with the novel.And it does not matter if it is a "yellow press" or something in the same spirit.There are many people who are paid to someone else, they were given for their thoughts, the customer needs.In Ilf and Petrov was this occupation of the soul.In general, pique vests clearly reached a new level.

popular expression in today's realities.

very phrase "pique vests" undoubtedly still relevant.However, new realities are making their adjustments, now that his sayings were synonymous in the network.This "sofa analysts" and "sofa troops."Why sofa?Why, is not necessarily going to "in front covered porch dining narpitovskoy number 68", you can now do it on your favorite couch computer.

As for the first, everything is quite clear.Coaches analysts clearly regard themselves as experts in all kinds of economic issues, such as exchange rates, international economic relations, the price of gasoline and stuff like that.

course, no policy anywhere.They write whole "analytical articles," which is true, for the most part no one reads.They condemn the actions of the government, reveal political intrigues predict elections and do so much more, that it seems as if they were nothing at all except this is not engaged.The meaning of their lives become so.

Due to the fact that in recent years, in one, then in another war breaks out, and the whole world situation is quite tense and explosive, a whole army of "Divan troops" in different countries.This kind of pique vests imagines himself a true expert in the field of strategy and tactics of warfare, weapons, incitement and redemption of military conflicts.They think that they are warm and comfortable, the screen displays its know better how to fight, rather than politicians, generals, and even the soldiers at the front.

return to the roots and compare

Yet pique vests Ilf and Petrov were harmless.Unlike today, they are not rude to each other.They only agreed that "Snowden - is the head" and was "finger in the mouth do not put", or disagreed, while looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, and did not curse of a different opinion.

«It was a strange and funny people" - so said about them in the novel.Modern pique vests as strange and funny.Because many of their opus is really funny to read.And how strange to be a person to spend a lot of his time to write a blatant nonsense.

In the "Golden Calf" everything that happened in the world, pique vests regarded as "a prelude to the announcement Chernomorska free city."And now they see all the events in the world as if it is happening concerns them directly.Online they foam at the mouth point to politicians what to do, if the first person in the country they actually read.The one caveat that the Internet can hide their identity, creates a wave of rudeness, aggression and other negative toward those who do not agree with your opinion.In general, the image of pique vests, born of Ilf and Petrov, somewhat modified, and firmly rooted in society.