Principles of Sports Nutrition If weight gain

Basic rules "diet" for weight gain are suitable for everyone and does not take time to engage with the output and sports nutrition.

principles of sports nutrition:

1. Increase the amount of calories and food should be gradual, that it did not lead to digestive disorders.

2. You must eat high-calorie foods so that the day it was more than the number of low-calorie foods (about 60-80% of the daily requirement).

3. Number of meals should be as large as possible, ie,about 6 times per day.It is not recommended to cut meals, asthis may lead to an increase in adipose tissue but not in muscle, which is the main purpose of power.Most of the calories should be eaten to 15.00 for dinner is best to eat protein and digestible food.

4. Limiting consumption of fruit and sweets containing fast carbohydrates, and some fats (sausage, butter, lard).Fast carbohydrates are most needed after exercise.At this time, even recommended them to eat.

5. It is necessary to drink water.The daily rate at a set weight - 3 liters.Whenever there is a desire to drink, you must do this to avoid dehydration, which adversely affects the whole body.

6. Training should be clearly laid out so that a half hour before training and after about half an hour after it was possible to eat.

7. Percentage of calories corridor approximately as follows: 60% - carbohydrates, 30% - whites, 10% - fats.

8. The main principle of sports nutrition: calories during exercise should not exceed the number of calories eaten.IeThis is completely opposite to the principle guidelines for weight loss.

When the weight begins to grow, it is necessary to strictly control every pound.Weigh well every 2-3 days.If something is not going to increase, you need to eat more until you grow up to 700 grams per week.This is the best option.

What should be the basis of nutrition?First of all, it is lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts (in small amounts), mushrooms, fruits, vegetables.Do not be amiss to take advantage of special vitamins for maintaining the body's immunity and health.You can also try out sports facilities, specially designed with all the characteristics and nutritional standards for the recruitment of muscle mass.Now the market has a fairly wide range of systems, both domestic and foreign production.The combination with protein intake plays a positive role in the set weight.Protein should be taken every 3-4 hours.As in the process of losing weight, it can happen in the recruitment stop loss.Do not worry, this is a normal process after weeks of collection.Important to continue feeding.

Once a week is recommended to analyze the water, fat and muscle balance.It is unlikely that it will do at home, but in special centers such services are provided.Scales with features now sold in stores, but the accuracy of their statements can not be guaranteed, especially if it's cheap analogues of foreign manufacturers.

If you follow the advice and mentally prepare the mass recruitment process will not take long.