"Star Chamber" - is one of the judiciary in England

English society throughout its existence, pays much attention to the administration of justice.Like any other social institution, the English Court to respond quickly to changes in the social environment of the inhabitants of England.I was no exception and the famous "Star Chamber."This is a legal phenomenon existed for quite a long time and perform various functions.


«Star Chamber" originated in England during the reign of Henry VII.Initially, the legal institution was designed to investigate the crimes committed by wayward noblemen after the civil wars of the Roses.The arbitrariness of feudal lords, accustomed to arbitrariness led to a large number of crimes against life and property of British subjects.Henry VII issued a statute limiting the creation of armed formations and private militias.During the execution of this decree are strictly followed, the offender waited arrest and trial.


«Star Chamber" - a judicial body that reports directly to the king, and to understand the case of violation of the royal decrees and royal power of insubordination.According to the generally accepted version, he was named Star-Chamber of the ceiling in the courtroom, which was decorated with stars.Although at the time of writing there are different names of the institution.Accordingly, the interpretation of the name of the judicial authority may be different.

Royal "Star Chamber" was created to protect the rights of Englishmen of all classes and limit the powers of the rebellious barons.And for the first time took up the case of wanting to ensure the monarchy speedy and fair trial.

Convert powers

from one king to another new judicial body properly perform its functions.But the constant strengthening of absolute power in the country should be reflected in the judicial system.When King Henry VIII «Star Chamber" - a court, to understand the crimes against the royal power.The court has turned into a means of reprisal against disagreeable and disgruntled gain royal autocracy, as well as a way to bring more revenue into the coffers of the king.The accused could not absolve themselves of the charges by paying a fine to the treasury of the crown.

When Elizabeth English "Star Chamber" - a court in which the testimony of the accused extorted by torture and mutilation.The system of fines and ransoms only intensified and reached astronomical sums.This court has become more politicized in its decision overturned a previous conviction, its members choose to do themselves, which were interested.

In 1641, the decision of the parliament as a judicial organ of royal power "Star Chamber" has ceased to exist.In the future, this phrase has been used rarely.Only in our time, an unusual name has attracted the attention of writers.On stage there again "Star Chamber."The film with the same name was released in 1983.