Swimwear with a high waist: benefits and features.

This year, back in fashion swimwear with a high waist.They were popular in the 50's of last century.At that time, women wore bathing suits that covered the navel.Modern designers remember this feature and put it into the new collection of women's swimwear.

Features swimsuits with a high waist

These bathing suits are a set of bra and panties with high waist.This style draws attention away from the hips and buttocks.This is well emphasized waist and stretched silhouette.

swimsuits with a high waist can be considered a real salvation for women who have an imperfect figure or shy about their bodies.They are slim, visually pull the leg and make the waist thinner.A dense stretch fabric pulls the stomach.Thus, high-waisted swimsuits allow a few seconds to make the perfect silhouette.

Swimwear with a high waist are ideal for women with problematic figure, as well as for those who have some skin defects.These models are the best way to hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages.

designers who come up with a high-waisted swimsuits, even could not think that will doom his invention to the continued popularity.Several generations of filmmakers used this style swimwear to create images of the main characters.

cult model that will always be fashionable - so describe stylists retro swimsuits with a high waist.Photo of modern and vintage kits submitted below.


swimsuits with a high waist can be distinguished from the standard models of the following features.

  • Side straps wider than conventional models.
  • panties usually have a belt that adjustment should cover the navel.
  • deeper cuts for the legs.

retro bathing suits with high-waisted

Many manufacturers produce models for swimsuits retro, supplementing them with various ornaments and details: original straps, fringe, ruffles, metal buckles, bows.

Bright colors and characteristic patterns of the last century - the main feature that distinguishes retro swimsuits with a high waist from other models.Indisputable hits - a model in a strip cell and peas.They correspond to the most bathing suits worn by fashionable women 60 years ago.

Vintage swimwear especially liked the modern woman.With their help, you can create vivid images in the style of the last century.Every girl in a bathing suit, "a retro" look feminine and attractive.

Benefits swimwear

  1. Swimwear with a high waist fit perfectly for all women, regardless of age and completeness.
  2. Separate swimwear with high waist can hide the scars, scars, stretch marks and other skin blemishes.
  3. Such models perfectly tighten the figure, clean unsightly creases and draw the belly.
  4. special cut allows you to shift the focus from the troubled areas of the body at the waist and chest that are always advantageous in such a swimsuit.

How to choose a bathing suit with a high waist

to hide figure flaws and all well-emphasize the beautiful parts of the body, it is important to choose the right swimsuit model.The fact that modern manufacturers sew swimwear under retro different colors, textures and decoration.And each model different views on women.Therefore it is recommended to take into account advice of stylists to choose the most appropriate swimsuit.

For women with narrow hips better to buy swimsuits of bright colors with a decorative belt.Also welcome models with patterns and large patterns.These swimsuits thighs give additional volume.

For women with a curvy hips recommend that you choose a model with self-colored shorts dark color and bright multi-colored bra.In this embodiment, the high melting belly well tucked up, but focus has shifted to the chest and waist.

Shaping suitable swimwear with contrasting stripes.Models in the transverse strip attached to the volume, and sets with vertical lines are drawn and thin.

Many modern models of bathing suits with high-waisted bodices have the push-up.They allow you to raise and enhance the chest, giving it an attractive form.

Women with perfect figure can safely buy swimsuits with high waist any performance: brilliant, two-color or pastel-colored, with floral prints or classic.