Environmental rating of Russian cities.

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Many of us at least once in his life heard of such a thing as an environmental rating of Russian cities.However, this is not surprising.After all, all of us, regardless of age, marital status, level of education and the sphere of employment, would have been proud of a clean environment and not worry about the future health of our children.That is why the ecology of the region is so important in the modern world.This article will try to discuss the details on this and some other issues.

Section 1. Environmental rating of Russian cities.The overall situation in the country

Recently opened more and more information indicating unfavorable ecological situation in our country.In addition, at the end of the XX century, more than 200 cities were considered uninhabitable because of the high level of pollution of air and water.

Sad fact that the result of the All-Russia campaign "Dirty City", designed to improve the environment, was insignificant, since the elimination of polluting waste passed with minimal success.It turns out that the environmental problems of the city will not disappear, moreover, they are exacerbated with each passing day.

industrial settlements are in first place in the list of the most dangerous on the planet.Thus, for example, statistics show that in the Russian Norilsk about 90% of diseases associated with pulmonary challenges that proves the entire depth of the problems with the environmental situation in industrialized regions.

also became known that the Norwegian side, concerned about severe environmental pollution, has recently allocated a fairly large sum of money for the replacement of obsolete equipment of one of the factories of the city Nickel located in the Kola Peninsula.

Section 2. Three zones of ecological tension countries

Unfortunately, our green, a rich and beautiful country can not be called eco-friendly living.The poor state of the environment in the country in places reaches a critical value.As early as 1989, scientists had compiled a special map of Russia with cities, showing the environment at that time.The then Soviet Union, and, therefore, our country, the degree of contamination was divided into three zones that are worth considering in more detail:

1. Catastrophic.It is impossible not to include large concentrations of radionuclides in Kyshtym Chelyabinsk region.Hardly anyone would deny the very low environmental rating of Russian cities located in this area.

2. Crisis.Linked to the vigorous activity of oil producing and processing plants as well as industrial zones (Kalmykia, Arkhangelsk region., Angara, Middle and Lower Volga, and a number of other territories).

3. Moderately strenuous.Chernozem Region, northwest of the European part of the country.Rating environmentally friendly cities in Russia shows that it is in this area most suitable accommodation and the minimum is associated with health risks.

Section 3. Who is to blame?

However, "perpetrators" of increased environmental stress are not only the emissions of an industrial nature, but also car gases, which account for no less than - 40% of all contaminants.

statistics Rospotrebnadzor relentlessly show that annual rating of Russian cities on the ecology is not changing for the better, and motor vehicles spewing about 13 tons of hazardous substances, and more than 58% of the population of megacities on currently experiencing the negative impact of contaminated air.

Section 4. Norilsk - the most dangerous city in Russia

Rating environmentally polluted cities in Russia is very disappointing.To date, scientists did not draw the most optimistic picture about life in a rather unfavorable from this point of view, Norilsk.

With a population of only 201,000 people, the city is engaged in extraction of almost all elements of the periodic table, starting with copper and finishing with iridium.Out of the mouths of scientists can often hear the assertion that Norilsk is on the verge of ecological disaster.And not only.

Horrific studies show that the average life expectancy for men - 45 years, women - a little more.Bronchial asthma, cancers, mental and physical disorders in infants - the effects of an overdose of hazardous substances.Carbon dioxide is released 2% of total world emissions!

And that's just in one city, which occupies a lower mark, taking into account the rating of Russian cities on ecology.

Section 5. Potentially dangerous Dzerzhinsk

situation in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region can harm not only the population of the city but also the capital of the entire Volga Region.Why is this happening?What is the reason?

The fact that there is still the reign of Khrushchev engaged in the development of chemical weapons, as a result of contamination with phenol, sarin and lead still remind residents of the Cold War.

But that's not all.Activities today, though modern and superbly equipped industrial city is also not the best way affects the state of the environmental situation of Dzerzhinsk.

Section 6. Not so bad!

however, hasten to assure you that the environmental map of Russia with cities not as pessimistic as it might seem at first glance, and despair still is not worth it.

Today ecologists work noticeably moving, albeit very moderate pace.Here explaining details.So, on reading the report "On the state and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation" in 2013 it was said that, for example, Solikamsk removed from the list of most polluted cities in Russia.But it is still listed 123 city.

environmental rating of Russian cities shows that the dirtiest regions recognized Astrakhan, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Sverdlovsk region, Chuvash Republic, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Clean recognized as Murmansk, Novgorod, Kirov, Omsk and Leningrad region, as well as North Ossetia.

Section 7. What does the ranking of environmentally friendly cities in Russia?

Not long ago, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Rinat Gizatulin presented a list of cities that, according to employees of the Ministry are the most environmentally friendly.In this compilation includes 87 cities with a population of over half a million people.It is noteworthy that Moscow it takes pride of place 4.But the most clean city was declared the capital of Bashkortostan - Ufa.

evaluation was carried out primarily on the quality of air and water, as well as guaranteed by the local authorities policies aimed at cleansing of the city from pollution.

Last in the list are Astrakhan, Barnaul and Magadan.This is largely due to the fact that the authorities of these settlements have completely ignored the request for the necessary data analysis and, therefore, against them to date at all difficult to make any conclusions.

Section 8. Can we clean the city of Moscow?

Although the main city of the state is on the 4th place among the cleanest cities in Russia, yet the capital is not environmentally prosperous place.

However, at the present time, the policy of the authorities in Moscow and the Moscow region involves careful monitoring of environmental conditions in different regions.

So, for example, "Mosekomonitoring" regularly publishes data on the state of the soil, air, water and forests, as well as demonstrates the dynamics of change.Mobile ekolaboratorii immediately and on demand to respond to residents' complaints.As for the particularly dangerous industrial emissions, then monitored daily.

Thus, it is safe to say that in Moscow today has created all necessary conditions for environmental monitoring.

Section 9. Ufa - the cleanest city in Russia

As mentioned above, at the end of 2013 Ufa was the most favorable city for life from the ecological point of view.

presents compelling evidence that the capital of Bashkortostan is considered to be the undisputed leader on air quality, water consumption, maintenance of the territorial economy.Remarkable performance in almost all directions.

In addition, the company "Bashneft" in October this year launched the action of the latest air pollution control plant, produce high purity hydrogen.Moreover, it not only has a positive effect on the quality of air, but also increases the quality of the oil at the enterprise.

Unfortunately, not all so rosy as we would like.Why is that?The thing is that not so long ago Ufa officials rendered a positive decision on the construction of a plant for the processing of wood "Kronospan".It would seem, and jobs, and its factory, and contributions to the local budget are never superfluous.

However, officials with certain powers do not want to understand that the activity of the plant can cause significant damage to water resources.The protests of activists, members of the environmental community, and even the court decision has, unfortunately, does not affect the construction, which should start in the near future.But whether Ufa then shine gold award in the ranking of the cleanest cities, it is difficult to even imagine.