Signs in the world of inanimate nature.

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phenomena of inanimate nature draws its symbolism and ambiguity.What to believe and what to expose the skepticism?Let us examine in detail, where superstition took the start and that can tell the body of inanimate nature.

Where did the signs

modern concept of the signs come since ancient times, when people did not have sufficiently clear view of the world, but were surprisingly observant, which led to the creation of a natural phenomenon.

How could people know the weather tomorrow, if there were no meteorological services, and news feeds on the internet and even on the radio are not spinning the latest information?Quite simply, the signs in the world of inanimate nature began to be laid when the first sage looked up to heaven and said that tomorrow will be warm, and three years later the village expects drought.

We take for granted that the red sun to frost, and light to a warm clear day.But for the people who lived many centuries ago, such things as the phenomena of inanimate nature, greatly simplifies the existence and were so important, both for the modern man weather tape, pop-up during the news on a blue screen.

So what's all the same do these amazing observations of our ancestors?

Moon secrets pale guard

moon - this sacrament, which attracts every night, and not in vain.Ancient people knew perfectly how the moonlight and the moon itself affect the human body.Half-mystical, half-science - the body of inanimate nature carry with them the imprint of the wisdom of generations.

the outline of the moon and its movement is now easily possible to determine the weather for several days, and especially talented in its own way, can determine the course of rainfall for months:

  • pale moonlight in winter showsthat is a serious storm, a blizzard and strong chilly wind;
  • month when swimming, as in a fog, can not see clearly all its contours, then you have to wait for a prolonged bad weather;
  • not recommended to cut the waning moon, why, of course, not known, but still worth it to trust our ancestors, who virtually created the signs in the world of inanimate nature;
  • also not advised to do anything in the garden during the third quarter of the moon, otherwise it will spoil and rot.

In addition, there is some money beliefs.One superstition says that wealth comes to those who rubs a gold coin, despite the rise of the first-born of the moon.

Why believe the sun

sun itself symbolizes the vital energy, it is not surprising that his disappearance from the horizon during the eclipse negative impact on the human senses.What is this self-hypnosis or everyday reality?What inanimate nature, other than the sun, so bright is able to reflect the human essence?Of course, the god Ra stands in first place for the creation and education of a miracle.

Solar signs

in schoolbooks children first get acquainted with the signs and superstitions, recognize that this inanimate nature (Grade 2 curriculum), and even then can quite accurately determine the patterns associated with the sun.For example:

  • Red Bloody Sunset says windy weather the next day.
  • early rising sun shows upcoming rainy weather or long slush.
  • sun, which enveloped thick fog, may warn of an impending downpour.
  • One of the most interesting solar will say that the one who was born in the afternoon and in the evening, too lazy, and the one who at dawn - smart.
  • shining celestial body at sunset - warning about the strong windy weather.
  • When the sun makes its landing in a cloud of mist or haze, it could be said about the upcoming prolonged rainy weather.If
  • formed a perfect circle around - it also indicates rain, and if it happens in the winter - to the heavy snow.
  • You can not make the funeral after sunset.
  • sun after the rain - a good sign for the fans to pick mushrooms in the woods.But our ancestors looked at this phenomenon in a different way and saw him as some kind of accident, such as drowning.

the sun, you can guess and do it mainly in the most mystical moment - during the eclipse.

Laws of seasons

inanimate nature in the fall can be very diverse, and can tell a lot of things, weather-related chores, household, and even about the fate can tell.

Most observations are associated with religious holidays and some are a common pattern.Signs in the world of inanimate nature very clearly unaware of the coming generations of the weather.

Thus, if the strong winter storms and blizzards, the coming summer will be surprisingly clear and warm.A cold snowless time to say that spring will flower and ambulance.

Interference seasons

existing signs in the world of inanimate nature, connected with the seasons:

  • fall short?Winter will be tightened.
  • One year there is snow - another no precipitation is expected.
  • Windy summer precedes a terrible winter.
  • a lot of rain, so, and enough snow.
  • Burana may herald spring with frequent precipitation.
  • cold winter?Summer will be much warmer.
  • Quite no rain in the warmer times of the year?So in the cold is a constant slush.

Our ancestors were guided by these signs, especially significant for their observations was the inanimate nature in the autumn.That's because it's time is a transition stage between the cold and warm - it displays carry advice when and how best to arrange housing and get a personal garden.

people many centuries ago there were less protected, and any fluctuations in the weather (rain, drought, frost) leads me to the place of their residence in order to survive.This is a powerful argument for the modern man and trust the forces of nature and the elements.

What do the stars

No need to be an astrologer and have a telescope to the stars at night to tell what the weather is expected.In addition, they are the reliable companion on the road.You can navigate by the stars, and they never let you down.What about the will?

If look at the stars at night and see the multiple lights, white, clear, not cloudy, you can be sure that the next day will be completely clear and no precipitation.What inanimate nature, but the starry sky, so diverse and interesting for those who want to know the truth?

But weather events and the interest that is constantly changing, and the clear sky at night can be replaced early in the morning clouds.Therefore, if you must know the exact prognosis, it should conduct constant surveillance during the day.Match day forecast and night surveillance - a guarantee of success, if it is also guided by the Milky Way and all other constellations.

whether to trust

When the question is asked about whether to trust all these signs, the answer is apparently simple.Firstly, it is radically different beliefs that are related to the regularity of inanimate nature, and religious.First built during the centuries-old history, it is based solely on confirmed facts and are scientifically justified.Trust them not only possible, but also need to constantly monitor the fluctuations of phenomena.Then not only can predict what will happen tomorrow, and next year, but also greatly improve their imagination and observational quality.

Superstitions are better readability criticized

one thing when observations are made on the basis of the weather conditions and the signs taken as a basis in the world of inanimate nature, but quite another when a person builds illogical patterns like "black cat" and "empty bucket".Everyone decides what to take for granted, but before that you need to think hundred times, because malformed representation can change the course of destiny.