Several ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android

when you buy a new phone OS "Android", the first thing a thought: "How do I keep the numbers?"It turns out, is not such a big problem, as the phone numbers to move from one gadget to another is possible in several ways.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android?

way to transfer the phone book directly from the phone to the base OS "Android" on the other quite a lot.All of them are simple and will take less than 5 minutes.

By Bluetooth

first thing that comes to mind - it is to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Bluetooth.This method has long known to all, as it was very popular on the push-button phones.However, with the advent of "Android" there is almost nothing has changed.

first step is to turn on both devices Bluetooth.Next, you need to enable detection system devices.Some of it is always turned off in order to protect the user from confusing the transmission of files.Go to Settings / Bluetooth.Put a check mark next to "visible to others" on both gatzhetah then we can search for one of them.

find the right (most likely, it will be first on the list, but just in case watch its name), then click on it to connect.You may need to create a password for a secure connection, and enter it on another phone.Once connected, start the data transfer.

go in the phone book.In the settings, click "Mark several" or "Mark", then there click on "Send", "By Bluetooth".We accept the other gadget.

Save to SD-card

Few people know, but the contacts can be saved to internal memory or micro SD.To do this, go to the phone book, enter the option and click "Import / Export".From the list, select "Export to SD-card."It is important to remember the way to save time to be specified (most likely, the file saved in the system).Transfer contacts from Android to Android from the directory, you can save over Bluetooth, e-mail, sending a cloud.Having a list of numbers on another gadget, go to Contacts, open the "Import / Export" where select "Import from SD-card."

on SIM-card

This method can be used in situations where other methods of physically impossible, for example, to throw numbers from your old phone-dialer.
For this method you need to have all the phone numbers in the SIM-card.Insert the SIM card phone book to the smart phone and transfer data any way you want.

transfer through computer

You can also transfer your contacts from Android to Android PC.To do this, you will need to install on your PC specifically for this program, such as MOBILedit!Download, install.

Once installed, the utility prompts you to load the database driver.To save time, ship them only for the devices we need brands.Before you transfer your contacts to Android, you need to prepare a gadget.Go to "Settings / Options for developers" and mark item "debugging USB".Connects to a PC via a cable USB, run the program.

After starting the need to choose the type and purpose of the connection.In this case, select Phone \ Cable connection.Click "Next" and then begin to automatically scan connections.When the gadget is found, select it and click Finish.Further, in the left pane, click on the Phonebook section and click on the Export from the toolbar above.Select the location, and call in the "File Type" select CSV.

connect a second smartphone to your computer through a cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, before transfer contacts from Android to Android.Connection procedure is exactly the same.After a click on the button at the top AImport toolbar and load the previously exported file.Next, go into the phone contacts, click "Import" and load the address book.

Through Google

Another way to transfer contacts to Android on Android - Across Google+.First you need to also keep the phone book in one file and send it in any convenient way (USB-cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud, e-mail).Now we go to the post office Gmail.Each user "Android" it should be, because without it, no download an application from the Market.Go to and enter into your account, and then go into the profile.In the upper right corner click on the nine squares, and select from the list select "Mail".Simply, you can get here at 'or', click on the "Gmail" from the drop down list and select "Contacts / Contacs".

In the next page, click on "More" - "Import".

Load the phone book stored in CSV or vCard.

To transfer data from Google's "Android", you need to export them in the same CSV file on your hard drive, reset the phone to the database and import numbers.Why, then, such a cumbersome method nuzhet?The advantages of it is that "Google," the data is saved, you can edit them and add new ones.

In addition, in the future will be easy to synchronize with the mailbox Gmail, then all contacts will be available in your phone after synchronization.If you synchronize with other applications (Facebook, "VKontakte", Skype), you can see the contacts are in the list of phone numbers.