A set of exercises on educational kinesiology.

Psychologists say that human movement and gestures can tell you more about it than words.In body language influenced by emotions, physical health and mood.The science that studies the human posture, gestures and the various movements of the muscles, called kinesiology.There is such a discipline as applied kinesiology.She studied at the Faculty of Physical Education, health and education departments.The science of movement is closely linked to areas such as neuropsychology, psychology, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy.

Operating Principles of Kinesiology

Each disorder the body sends signals in the form of certain symptoms: pain, acne, allergies, poor health, disturbance of muscle tone.Medical kinesiologist as muscle tone, by the movements of a person determines the symptoms and diagnoses, this being tested muscular system, to identify imbalances that led to the first manifestations of the disease.The observed imbalance is restored by using special techniques.The human body is capable of self-healing, so say the experts, and in most cases does not require drug therapy, kinesiology comes to the rescue.The exercises proposed in this area, unique in its healing effect on the human body and are suitable for almost all of their way to master even a preschooler.

Kinesiology - children

Experts say that certain movements paving the way for the development of the brain consists of two hemispheres, interacting with each other.The harmonious development of the right and left parts of the brain contributes to the high level of intelligence.And here, too, comes in kinesiology.Exercises for preschoolers contribute to the intellectual development of children and their talent and abilities.

special system of exercises for the hands and fingers into account the functional features of the hemispheres (left - logical, symbolic, right - humanitarian, figurative).

teachers, practitioners in their work exercise kinesiology should be remembered that remedial work is directed by hand movements to the development of thinking.Besides finger games, teachers use breathing exercises, movement and stretching muscles.With intensive load improves the nervous system develops intelligence and cognitive ability.This is evidenced by kinesiology.Exercises for preschool teachers require knowledge of all the techniques and skills in accuracy to bring them to consciousness of children, as much as possible the correct execution of the exercises helps to intensive changes in the human body.

Kinesiology.Exercises for children a few basic nuances of performance

  • In conventional training programs, it may be interrupted by a complex kinesiology exercise, while creative moments is desirable not to interrupt.If you plan to exercise, including intensive mental load or creative thinking, movement exercises are carried out before the lesson.
  • worth remembering that kinesiology does not always give an instant effect, sometimes changes occur gradually improved speech, movement, increased mental activity.
  • main blocks correctional program aimed at energy impact, reception and processing of information, as well as regulatory activities.Working through each block requires separate techniques and methods of exposure.

Kinesiology.Some exercises that activate the brain

Basic techniques, including brain activity, experts recommend not only children but also adults.To help again comes kinesiology.Exercises for the brain to increase not only the intellect, but also awaken hidden abilities.

employment system to excite mental activity was developed by Dr. Dennison - scientists for twenty years working with underachieving students in the intensive training "Valley" in California.He developed the movement helps every student, regardless of his mental development.

complex exercises on educational kinesiology simple and practical.Exercises eliminating brain asymmetry can be done anywhere.

complex lessons divided into three groups:

  • Exercises that increase the tone of the cerebral cortex: breathing, acupuncture, massage.
  • Movement, improving the reception and processing of information: Cross movement and kicks.
  • exercises influence on the regulation and control: the various postures and movements.

lessons to include brain exercises

first set include ritmirovanie and activation buttons brain.

Ritmirovanie and the inclusion of brain activity consists of a set of exercises that allow to acquire the clarity of thought, concentration, activity and positive thinking.Preparatory charging is performed at the beginning of classes after the lunch break or after a long change.Before exercise experts recommend drinking juice, water or tea, since the liquid promotes the inclusion of an active mental activity.After ritmirovaniya begins the process of working with the "keys of the brain."

efficient mini-complex

Exercise 1

put his hand on his stomach, the other hand stimulate the point, which is in the area of ​​the intercostal space, below the clavicle.Feel arms abdominal muscles that support the balance in the body.Harmonious functioning vestibular apparatus prepares the brain to perceive and process information.Stimulation of muscles under the clavicles activates the carotid arteries, thus, the brain is oxygenated.Exercise allows you to fully concentrate on the lessons of intellectual activity.

Exercise 2

Cross walking in place, activates the left and right hemispheres.When walking on the ground relating to the right elbow of the left knee, left elbow and right knee, and the nervous system activates the corpus callosum of the brain, increases the level of logical thinking, the emergence of new neural pathways that connect the hemisphere.Exercise is very slow, as it requires the inclusion of motor coordination and is usually unused small muscles.

Kinesiology for dieters

What problems can still cope kinesiology?Exercise of the health complex designed for people working on the reduction of body weight.The problem of excess weight - is something that always excites women and reduces their quality of life.To help in this case can kinesiology, exercise for weight loss can solve this problem and make every woman attractive.Experts believe that the problem of excess weight creates a psycho-emotional background, upset the balance in the body.Exercises of this complex can relieve stress, depression, develop a positive view of the world.

Lose Weight correctly

Bench barbell or dumbbells overhead, standing. This is the most effective option to enter the folds of fat to muscle tissue.

Starting position: the load is located at chest level, then raised above his head on a completely straight hands.Pressure should be felt in the area of ​​the shoulders, chest and triceps.Exercise is carried out in four approaches, each approach eight or ten presses.

rear lunges with a load in the standing position. Exercise good herding extra weight by speeding up the metabolism in the body.These movements are easy to perform, you need to keep the balance to the attacks, without turning, without bending, without touching the floor with his knee.Exercise is repeated in three sets, each including up to fifteen repetitions.

Applied kinesiology

The basic principle of this research direction: the movement - this is life, movement stops - stops life.What is applied kinesiology?Kinesiology (exercise of some complexes are listed above) helps to restore the energy balance in the body, eliminating the causes of the disease.

Kinesiology divides biological motion on mental, chemical and energy-passing from one to the other and connected to the internal organs, nerves, joints, and emotional state.Based on the specific muscle movements, their tone and stretch, the doctor determines the violations in the body and carries out the treatment, assigning certain exercises, diet, acupuncture and herbal treatment that helps restore the energy balance in the body.

Testing Kinesiology

techniques of Applied Kinesiology is not too difficult, they can learn and use at any time.For example, your own lie detector.Saying aloud: "My answer is" yes "," - to join in the first and second ring finger on his left hand, remembering the power connection fingers.Then you need to try to separate the ring.Then try the power of "no."The strength of the compression talk about the strength of desire.Any muscle tension becomes personal lie detector if it pay attention.Trying the food can be on the reaction of the muscular system to determine how the body perceives this food, and how in the future it will affect the status of all organs and systems.Muscles tense, it is not necessary to experiment, it is better to eat something familiar.Just tested cosmetics.Apply the cream on the face or hands and listen to the reaction of the body, the muscles in his face tense or relaxed, when excessive voltage is better to postpone the new cosmetics and use already tried to do this.Thus, listening to your feelings, you can make your life more harmonious and save yourself a lot of trouble.

The body will respond to any question.It is necessary to listen and did not make a mistake.