Individual features of the memory.

Today almost all the organs of our body are studied.The exception to the rule is the brain, and the functionality thereof.

Researchers and doctors always interested in issues related to the work of the brain - namely, to thinking, logic and the ability of human creativity and memorization.

How does the memory of how much information is stored in the head, why some people grasp everything on the fly, and others have worked to cram the material - all this, read our article.

memory as the basis of knowledge

Memory - is the unique ability of the brain to the accumulation, preservation and reproduction of the information received.It is interesting that because of its obscurity gives scientists a front for research.It is difficult to imagine how many opportunities open to a man, know it, what is her secret ...

What happens?

Scientists have isolated two types of memory: short-term and long-term.Here it is possible to draw a parallel with the computer.The first is similar to the memory and is designed to solve problems in a given time.The second - "resembles" hard drive, which stores all the important information.However, in contrast to the computer's memory, the human has a limited amount.

For short-term memory cortex is responsible for the long-term - the hippocampus (a part of the limbic system of the brain).

Individual characteristics Memory

Nature endowed absolutely every person the ability to memorize and reproduce information.Only individuals of all this process occurs in different ways: once one person is able to view the text and retell it in detail, others have more than one hour to delve into the essence of reading.

However, it is possible that the first contents of the text forget the next day, and the second he delayed in the subcortex (in long-term memory), and pops out at an important time.

Why so?Because each individual has a unique brain, and hence thought processes are each in their own way.Partly

individual memory differences make people special.This is clearly seen in the productivity of learning and memory types.Consider the details.

Productivity learning

means the speed, strength and accuracy of memory.Another important feature of learning efficiency is the human capacity for rapid reproduction of the material.Consider in more detail its characteristics:

  • Speed ​​- is the amount of time it takes for a person practicing the certain amount of information.
  • strength reflects how long will the material studied in your head, you quickly forget it, or, on the contrary, remember forever.
  • Accuracy refers to how close to the text you are able to reproduce the learned material.Do you remember the general sense, or, conversely, to focus on the details?Well, if your memory is that you remember, and the general outline of the story and vivid details of the plot.

types of memory senses

Specific features of individual memory can be found in the next section.

From childhood, each person learns in his own way to perceive information.Someone clearly remembers the words of the song, someone is able to skillfully repeat a beautiful dance, and someone a glance at the table, to understand the key points of its contents.

Scientists have long noticed it.Today are seven types of memory used on the senses:

  • Visual memory - the ability to perceive and to reproduce what he saw.The most common type of memory.
  • auditory memory - information perceived by ear.Well developed in musicians, conductors and interpreters.By the way, Mozart mastered it to perfection.
  • motor memory is well developed dancers.It is a person's ability to reproduce the most difficult dance moves.A unique motor memory had Michael Jackson.
  • gustatory memory is well developed in the gourmet and wine tasters.These people remember the great and distinguished tastes.Before such individuals can worship in a good way: they never touch the low-quality food.
  • olfactory memory - the ability to feel and subtly distinguish smells.Perfumers own it 100%.But there are just people keen sense of smell.For such individuals trip on public transport in the summer turns into a real torture.
  • tactile memory - the ability to remember the shape of the object after touching it.A rare type of memory.
  • Emotional memory - quite an interesting phenomenon.People with this type of memory perfectly remember all the thrills.Here there is an interesting correlation: the more experienced human emotions, the better it stores information.Individual features of the memory of the people of interest to scientists.

form or meaning?

features of human memory are characterized by the fact how a person learns the right material.

In this section, we will examine why some people grasp information on the fly, while others spend evenings textbooks.Responsible for this is the individual characteristics of people's minds.At first logical memory is better developed, others - mechanical.Try to understand what is the fundamental difference between them.

mechanical memory

Under mechanical memory refers to remembering useful information in the form in which it was originally filed.

If you can a couple of times to read the verse and without errors it tell you perfectly developed this type of memory.The same applies to the dance movements: the man with a developed mechanical memory safely reproduce them after one or two repetitions coach.

inherent mechanical memory:

  • translators;
  • linguists;
  • polyglot;
  • conductors;
  • musicians;
  • dancers.

Minus this type of memory too.Let us try to demonstrate it with an example.

person performs the same physical exercise to improve posture standing.He memorized exactly how to do it correctly.But then the coach asked to change positions and start to carry out a similar exercise in the supine position.Here can be a problem.Man remembers the exact technique, but does not understand the essence of the exercise.To help in this case can only be the logical memory of it we describe below.

logical memory

mean a person's ability to understand the meaning of studied material.How to determine if you are awarded a logical nature of memory?Quite simply.If you study some text and quickly grasp the main idea, that is capable of many, many words to isolate the most basic - you are lucky its owner.

Students with this type of memory are not engaged in mindless cramming tickets for the exam, and try to read them carefully and understand what is at stake.This way the material development more productive: not only do you begin to really navigate the studied topic, but for a long time and save valuable knowledge in his head.

The same applies to physical exercise.Before you start randomly repeating technique for performing a coach would be logical to look into its features (for example, to understand what muscle it is calculated).After this learning process go much faster and more interesting.

interesting ways trenerovki memory

problem of forgetfulness is one of the most common in humans.The reasons for which we can do something to forget, there is a great variety, ranging from the banal lack of sleep and ending unnecessary lost in thought.

blame yourself that you forgot to turn off the computer again, to take the necessary papers or call their relatives, do not.We must try to find the cause of his distraction and effectively eliminate it.

Now we are four interesting exercises memory:

  • Keep a sprig of rosemary essential oil, or based on it.It has long been proven that scents awaken in people memories.For example, the aroma of grass trimmed, many people associate with childhood and a sense of tranquility.But the smell of rosemary is recognized as special.Scientists from the University of Northumbria is proven empirically.
  • Play Association.Try to link new information to the already existing memory.Let's say you need to remember some date (for example, number 11).Imagine that unit - two thin silhouette, going ahead of you on the street.The same applies to memorize foreign words.Do you want to learn how to be a dandelion in English.Look for these colors, look at them and say out loud a few times dandelion.
  • Go for a walk.Proved that being outdoors beneficial effects on memory.Most interesting is that this applies only to moderate physical activity: weight training is unable to - the conclusion made by scientists from the University of Illinois.
  • Learn a foreign language.So not only do you develop your brain, but also get a useful skill.

It should be remembered that there are age-related features of memory.They will only be able to avoid the kind of person who is constantly something interested and fascinated.

development of memory in children

to exercise the brain of a young child, it is important only sincere desire to engage in the development of the parent of the kid just half an hour every day.A child needs to be addressed since childhood: development of memory in children occurs before 10 years.

Features children's memory similar to the previous one, characteristic for adults.To develop the child's best with early school age: the little man is ready to receive the information in an entertaining way.

present the most effective exercises for the memory:

  • «Picture".The child is shown for a few seconds picture (interesting and colorful), and then removed.Next, the parent asks the child to tell in their own words about Gone her image.
  • «Spot the Difference."The children's magazines are bound to have ready a page with similar exercises, look down there more often.
  • «Remember the sequence."Before a child laid 7 items in a specific sequence.For a while, he remembers them.Then you ask him to turn away for a while and change the location of the items.Then you ask, what has changed (it is desirable to remember the sequence).

With these simple exercises develops visual memory.

How quickly and effectively to memorize stuff?

Everyone remembers what the night before an important exam: the very moment when it is necessary for 5-6 hours crammed a huge amount of information the brain (it then still be forgotten, but the problem is this does not become less important).

Let's share the tips that really work.

  • Visualize information with the scheme or pattern.
  • Spend parallel.If the material under study really complex, compare it to something simple and straightforward.Any complex thing can be decomposed into several simpler.
  • Build chart.Self-ordering of the information - is a recipe for successful development of the material.
  • Draw a picture in my head of the studied subject.Suitable for people with a good imagination.Write
  • case notes.Well, if you manage to come up with these three or four words that pop up in my head slowly general information on the ticket.
  • And lastly bit pozubrite material.This method often works.