What is the "Olympian calm"?

"Olympic peace" - a fairly common expression used in speech, since ancient times.Synonyms of phraseologism:

- dispassion;

- peace of mind;

- equanimity;

- cool;

- self;

- flegmatizm etc.

closest in meaning, a similar expression - this is probably "be calm, like an elephant."We can say that the Olympic calmness has the man who with dignity and full of self-control brings all the events in his life.In an emergency, such people can not be stupor or panic, they solve the problem calmly and impartially.

Gods of Olympus

According to Greek legend, the gods lived on the sacred mountain called Olympus.The mountain was so high that hid behind the clouds, and was absolutely not available to mortals.That there was a king of the gods Zeus and the other Olympians, whose life flowed peacefully and calmly.It is because of these myths, and there was such a thing as an Olympian calm.It implies not only calm demeanor, but the overall greatness of man.By the way, nothing to do with the Olympic Games, it has not.While some experts are inclined to believe that this characteristic serenity of Greek athletes gave rise to this concept.In fact, the Olympics were, on the contrary, very emotional, and the participants certainly could not be called restrained and cold-blooded, so this theory has nothing to do with the true meaning and origin of this phrase.


Another source, which answers the question: "What is the Olympic peace?" - A legend of the Greek poet Homer called "Odyssey."In the sixth book of the legendary poet, this expression was used by the first time.Of course, this theory is still controversial, however indisputable fact is that the idiom originated in ancient Greece.

Olympian calm: how to achieve

achieve complete peace of mind is difficult, this process can take a long time.Of course, first of all, it all depends on the person, if in your heart you are quick-tempered and impulsive, you turn yourself into a "Olympian" will be extremely difficult.After all the inner experiences that lurk man affect the nervous system where harmful.In order to respond more calmly to certain news or incident in life, not necessarily to have a Olympian calm, at least enough to stop taking everything to heart.

Yoga promotes full pacification and more relaxed attitude to life.Since ideology is precisely the Yogi is full of peace and unity with the entire universe.Who else but the Indians know better than anyone how to completely calm expression on his face walking on broken glass, or sleep on a bed of nails.

Each person has its own secrets of how to achieve personal serenity.For some it's a walk in the woods, someone stroking a cat or playing with children.It is possible to change the situation or go on vacation, arrange a little adventure in the form of travel is an interesting country.Some psychologists advise emergency counting sheep or carry any object that could soothe and bring you to life.

Dmitry Kovpak wrote an excellent book dedicated to this issue.In the book "Olympic peace. How to achieve it?"easy and accessible language the main methods and techniques to achieve harmony and peace.The author also shares the secrets that will learn to cope with life's difficulties.

In conclusion

Olympian calm ulterior motive was that of ancient Greek gods.The fact that they were not subject to worldly concerns and experiences, but even they are sometimes out of himself, according to the ancient chronicles.Therefore, we can say one thing: even the best Olympians will sooner or later give way to emotions, and there is nothing wrong with that.