The energy footprint of man can be dangerous

Did you know that every object or thing that will visit you in your hands, for many years, kept the energy imprint of your own?Modern scientists have proved that the molecular feature allows a person to leave his mark on everything he touches.But if scientists proved it just now, for example, the French during the reign of Louis XV used this feature in their evil plans.

On the planet there are no two people with the same energy, but at the same time, the whole energy is divided into two types - positive and negative.It is the property of various subjects accumulate negative energy in contact with the man, and enjoyed artful French.

to notify her rival an expensive gift was presented in the form of jewelry.But before you hand over the victim thing, decoration worn on a person suffering from an incurable disease.After this unfortunate victim wore a decoration on yourself and just a few weeks or months, began to wither from an unknown disease.Very often the victim died, and did not understand the cause of dangerous and deadly disease.

It says only one thing - every thing keeps on themselves the energy imprint of the person who used it or worn on the body.Very often, when you buy the things that have already been used, we do not even think about what kind of threat they can afford to carry, and what consequences this may cause.It is enough to put on a gold chain, which previously carried a sick man, and you will open the way for the penetration of a deadly energy into your body.How often, buying new things even after some time, we notice that the family starts to happen something wrong, or the state of health begins to deteriorate for some unknown reason.

The answer is simple - the thing you put on your body, or visited before in the hands of a sick person, or as a man with a powerful negative energy.

As strange as it sounds, but the greatest chance to get a negative charge can be in the church.Many will say that the author of this heretic, but it is not so, and the words I will try to prove.

Let us remember how the rite of Communion.Everyone comes to the priest and takes the spoon bread and wine, and then kisses the cup.It is a ritual that helps a person to be cleansed and become closer to God, but it hides the terrible danger to which we are subjecting ourselves.Firstly, spoon one for all, and secondly, to the church, as a rule, people come who have accumulated everyday problems or health deteriorated.As a result, a healthy person touches his lips to the ritual objects, which earlier touched a sick man, and opens like a "portal" for the passage of the disease in your body.After a while, a person starts to hurt and did not understand how and why he, a believer, so unlucky in life.

Our ancestors, in this sense were more educated.In pagan faith of the ancient Slavs two different people were forbidden to touch one religious attributes.As a rule, all religious objects were concentrated in the hands of one man, and a stranger to touch them was strictly taboo.Eschei as opposition to such effect, was fire.We can recall the same pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala, when all jump over the flames of the fire and thereby purify themselves.

Obviously, our ancestors knew about the possibilities of a person to leave his mark on the energy of various objects and, as a rule, some pagan rituals were aimed at cleansing the human body, which is an absurd accident was the victim of a random "infection."

So here's a little advice.When buying a new and even more so for a used small things perform a ritual that will not take much time and will not take physical forces - surrounded by the things around the fire, preferably three times.This can be a flame matches or lighters.It may seem somewhat far-fetched, but remember that our ancestors believed in it and it helped them.

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