Charity as a way to earn

Why did not I think charity good idea to increase sales?Let us remember Maslow's hierarchy of needs: still no one has not come up with anything better, though, and it criticized.

On it we clearly see that the need to help his neighbor, including charity, is somewhere in between, but also to the top, as we know, few people comes, ie,it is actually the ceiling.So, the concern for the fate Ussuri tigers, most likely, can not afford people with high incomes and large firmly standing on their feet, the company.

In this regard, once recalled the regional government civil servant who for many years to repay the loan for the purchase of apartments.When someone suggests it, to put it mildly, to his bad mood, it is justified: "I've got a mortgage!".

Therefore, I believe that social business projects primarily aimed at increasing brand awareness and maintain the image of a reliable, socially responsible company, including through the creation of beautiful newsmakers.It is not excluded that the owners, top management and ordinary employees really feel satisfaction from the fact that they are doing good deeds.However, directly on the level of sales is not affected: choosing between you and a competitor, the average consumer will stop at that sentence, where the lower price and favorable conditions.

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But it was a theoretical introduction.To be objective, you still look at real projects and their results.For the analysis, I chose social programs, involving consumers themselves, ie,when given the option to buy / do not buy or make another action for charitable purposes.We do not take into account gifts to orphanages, organizing sports events, sponsorship, exhibitions, conferences, etc.This one-way traffic from the terminus of the unknown, and it is important to keep track of at least some consumer reaction.

In particular, these criteria correspond to the selection of affinity cards Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, issued together with the Fund "Give Life" and the World Wildlife Fund, respectively.These banks also have deposits of the accrued interest which is translated at the expense of children's funds.So, as of January 1, 2010, the Savings Bank issued 185.9 thousand. Card Visa «Give Life", which was less than-half of the total cards issued in 2009.At the same time issue Visa Aeroflot (the program "Aeroflot Bonus") as of the beginning of 2010 amounted to 570.4 thousand. Pieces, iethree times more!In the first case, besides banking services, customers get moral satisfaction from the fact that they can help sick children, the second - the opportunity to accumulate miles for an award ticket.

According to the annual report of the Alfa Group, in 2011, Alfa-Bank has listed the World Wildlife Fund more than $ 64 thousand. (A little more than 2 mln. At current exchange rate).Unfortunately, we could not find the official data on the issue affinity cards.But according to some sources, at the beginning of 2009, it was sold about five thousand. Map WWF.By comparison, in the first month after the launch of co-branded products for women, "Alfa-Bank - Cosmopolitan - Visa» was commissioned about four thousand. Card.Minor popularity cards Siberian tiger, in particular, noted the words of the bank's employees by social network VKontakte.But more interesting, in the course of discussion, some participants expressed the view that the card would be ordered only for the sake of the original design with a full color image of wild animals: "... card nafig not needed but for most it is the design."

Again, I have no data on transfers to the fund "Life Line" that makes Alfa-Bank deposits with the charitable program.However, any customer of the bank can directly and without commissions to transfer funds to the Children's Fund, using Internet bank or ATM.So, in 2012, users' Alpha-click "on the treatment of children donated more than 22 million rubles., Which is comparable to the amount of transfers on credit cards" Give Life "Savings Bank in the same year - more than 25 million rubles.Sharpens your attention: in the first case, the donations were active and focused in the second - passive, as a condition of use of cards already issued.Indirectly, this confirms my thesis that the audience feel the need to share his wealth with the needy, do it anyway, without any connection to a specific commercial product.

but fair also concluded that creating its customers conditions for fast and easy transfer of funds for charitable purposes, Alfa-Bank has provided them with a special service - a product that may influence the choice of the bank among high customers, satisfying their more than"high", according to Maslow's needs.

launching a new product, according to the representatives themselves, Alfa-Bank, they rely on a sense of involvement in the election or a particular social cluster.Of course, this primarily refers to commercial projects such as co-branded card with Aeroflot, but with respect to charitable programs that statement can be squared.That desire to stand out, feel special encourages customers to take part in social projects.Therefore, charitable foundations and their partners from the business encourage this desire to visual signs of distinction.For example, supporters of the World Wildlife Fund, donated more than 10 thousand. Rub., Obtained the title of "Earth Keepers" and the icon in the form of a silver panda.On the foundation's Web site even provides a review of one of the supporters: "Imagine, come to negotiate, and I see a silver panda at the partner's suit.Immediately we began to share his impressions of the trip with WWF.Well, and the contract signed by itself! ".By the beginning of 2012, the icon "Earth Keepers" in Russia were only 1.2 thousand. People.Here it is exclusivity!

But all examples of financial services, and in the premium segment.Of course, the commodity retail market, too, can find examples of social programs.In particular, "Plant a Tree" Yves Rocher or project confectionery factory "Red October" and the fund "Give Life".But in the mass segment to the fore the issue price, as well as banal distrust: "You want to help the children - help himself personally.... Sure to pack and sawed some of the money.Well, if only a part of. "So here, most likely, we can speak about a nice bonus for buyers, which is used as a promotional move: buy favorite chocolate "Alenka", well, we always take it, and, it turns out, even the children help.

summary: through social projects and charity company can attract customers from the premium, but it is necessary to satisfy their need for self-esteem and recognition, allow to stand, to feel chosen.Otherwise, your social project will be just a flash in the information field.