Year of the Pig.

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The last Year of the Pig fell on the year 2007.Next will accordingly be 2019 minutes.Let's learn a little more about what you can expect in the years that pass under the sign of the Pig.

Everybody knows: to learn about the personality and character of a person in terms of astrology, not only to apply only to the heavenly constellations.A more detailed description can give the knowledge of how to blend between different horoscopes.This success has been helping for many millennia eastern, western horoscope, horoscope and even plants (Druids).Consider the zodiac people born in the Year of the Pig, and learn what traits they differ.Please check with the Chinese calendar and the eastern horoscope.

General characteristics of the year Pigs

Chinese name sounds like a sign of "Zhu", it is the twelfth in a row.Pig or Boar - a symbol of courage and nobility, that contributes to prosperity in all spheres.People born in the Year of the Pig, originally possess all those qualities, which are now considered to be almost old-fashioned: altruism, generosity, forbearance and tolerance, as well as optimism and belief in the goodness of all mankind.They look naive and sometimes silly, what are often misleading those who sharpens his teeth against the pig.In fact, the Pig is not so simple: making the detached view, it is at the same time carefully watching surroundings and is always ready to mobilize all its forces - both physical and moral.

Mumps - a symbol of prosperity and wealth.Remember piggy bank?So here she is very fond of money and how a magnet draws them to himself.Not as important as this will be achieved, but born in the Year of the Pig will never know the real needs.

Female Pig

Ladies born in this year are trusting by nature.However, this quality does not prevent them to be legible, and at the same time demanding.They are jealous, with jealousy often turns into a sense of ownership, a woman starts to demand from partner identical mutual feelings to the person.

Many horoscope suggests that a lady born in the Year of the Pig has a sensuality and sexuality, which the rest of the fair sex can only dream of.They do not even have to say anything, to express their feelings, just a short, but very eloquent look.They coexist easily frivolity and isolation.And these states so often and quickly follow each other, that partner is sometimes difficult to keep track of the process.It remains only one thing: to accept and just love this beautiful woman.

Man-Pig Pig

- a sign of the Chinese horoscope, endowed with feminine characteristics.Therefore they sometimes hard to get on in a man's nature.However, a man born under the sign of etitm - great family man, because he has all the qualities that allow him to be a caring husband and a loving father.He remembers only the good, preferring to leave resentments behind.His house - a full cup, because pig is well able to take care of their welfare, and not so important, what ways it will be achieved.

There is one trait that unites a man and a woman, born in the Year of the Pig.This jealousy.However, this line is cleverly disguised, because they often simply shy of her, considering this feeling shameful.But to show his love and devotion to the male wild boar, on the contrary, do not hesitate.They do it with all their inherent strength and devotion.

who was born in the year

Let's see, before you learn the names of famous people born in the Year of the Pig, what year it passed under the sign.This will help us to understand the table.

Year of the Pig

Year symbol
January 22, 1947 to February 9, 1948 Pig Fire
From February 8 1959 to January 27, 1960 Pig Ground
From January 27 1971 to February 14, 1972 Pig Metal
February 13, 1983 to February 1, 1984 Pig Water
From January 31 1995 to February 18, 1996 Pig Wooden
From February 16, 2007 to February 6, 2008 Pig Fire
On February 5, 2019 on January 24, 2020 Pig Ground

In those years were born such famous figureswho have left their mark in history, Elton John, Ernest Hemingway, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, as well as Ludmila Gurchenko, Oleg Tabakov, Mikhail Tanic, Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, Boris Yeltsin, and many others.

Thus, it becomes clear that it is always rich enough famous names of any year of the Pig.Characteristics of each of these people - the clear evidence of this.Now let's turn to the east and European horoscope and consider in detail all the representatives of zodiacal signs wheel, born in the Year of the Pig.Consider the example will be of opposite signs.

Capricorn and Cancer

Year of the Pig for Capricorn - sign.People born at the intersection of these characters, the most reliable partners, friends and family men.They are conservative and ambitious, always strive to build a career.And careerism is inherent not only men, but also the fair sex.And it is worth noting, as a result they are able to achieve this goal and to take pride of place in the society.

Cancer, born in the year, does not like intrigue, preferring the life of fun and mostly lighthearted.However, such a casual attitude to existence does not prevent these people to succeed in business, thereby multiplying its financial position.The main feature of this sign - the sensuality and affection, as none of its representatives are able to manifest the strongest feelings and Pig reinforces these qualities.

Aquarius and Leo

Year of the Pig for Aquarius plays an important role.After all, those who are born in this period can expect that their negative character traits of kindness will be smoothed.Pretentiousness and pomposity of Aquarius is not so evident, it is losing ground to the top of the creative.Aquarius Cabannes becomes balanced and practical home a man who seeks for comfort and consistency throughout.But Leo-Boar, on the contrary, has a strong-willed character.Of all people, and he knows his own worth and hardly gets in the manipulation of someone else.Steady hand and determination in all matters often lead Leo to a managerial position, where it is required to establish itself as a competent expert, able to cope with any scrapes and bring begun business is not just to end up as consistently successful conclusion.

Pisces and Virgo

Fish, born in the Year of the Pig, endowed with even greater sensitivity than those born in another period.They are soft and sensitive sides, and all the best assistants in all.Thanks to their kindness fish often become peacemakers in any group, they artfully brighten any conflicts, finding the best solutions and outputs in any quarrel.But Virgin pig safely be called a recluse.Social causes her only concern and sometimes even unreasonable fear.She just needs someone who fills his strong arm in case of danger.However, the horoscope says that Virgo born in the Year of the Pig, it may become the head of a small group, with the proviso that it was created by itself.

Aries and Libra

Aries - is indestructible fountain of energy and strength.Born in the Year of the Pig, it is often simply unable to treat themselves critically.As a result, often in a ridiculous position, being in society.But no one ever keeps him evil, because Aries is usually different, though noisy, but friendly character.They seek, if not friends, then to maintain good relations with the maximum number of people.Scale Pig vulnerable and emotional.The meaning of their lives reduced to the search for a compromise everywhere and in everything.It does not tolerate the abuse and scandal are able to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of a utopian idea called "World peace."

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus, born in the Year of the Pig, different diligence and assiduity.He knows the value of money, they can be happy to earn and spend.This outwardly calm and balanced person inside the volcano is raging passions, to see which are destined not for everyone.

main features Taurus pig - patience and reliability in all.

Scorpio-Pig - is the one who can be called an incredibly hard-working, stubborn and self-sufficient person.He knows no fear or fatigue.He is ready to work hours on end in the name of his ideas.As a result, it achieves all the set goals.However, it is worth considering what kind of external force and tenacity hiding extremely sensitive and vulnerable soul of the Scorpion, which need to be as delicate.

Gemini and Sagittarius

noticed that the twins born in the Year of the Pig, often do things that can not be explained in terms of logic?All because of their eccentric character, who just need to take it for granted because it can be difficult to understand.In family life, the opposite is true: Gemini-Pig does not accept arguments, always trying to find a way out of any situation exclusively through peaceful means.In the business world is dynamic and mobility, to achieve some success in the work.

opposite sign - Sagittarius-Rat - is surprisingly active and more fidgety.He is full of enthusiasm, it can do several things at once.The main thing is that all these things will be fulfilled perfectly.Sagittarius Pig-dependent on the opinions of others, so it is difficult to distinguish truth from outright flattery.

Thus, the example of all zodiac signs can be noted that the pig is actively smooths out the negative traits and positive increases, presenting to people born in the year of its softness, which are the strength of character.