People flee in terror, or how to become a kinder, if you - Scorpio?

At one time, a representative of the zodiac sign think about the question: "How to be good?"If you - Scorpio, you have to work hard.The fight will go with the underlying nature of character traits.And to win this war will not be easy!

Why do I need to think about how to be kinder

Scorpio by nature evil.Just his mind cold, shrewd eyes, a mystery to him there.A person born under this sign of the zodiac, confident, knows what she wants and always achieves this.Now imagine how to respond to such positioning bystander?It is natural that such an attitude seems to him too brash and sometimes violent.One of the most unpleasant traits of Scorpio to others is its directness.Well, when you have an enemy in the eyes say he represents.And if a woman has told that a new dress perfectly with the green of her face?Who is tolerated?It turns out that it is necessary from time to time to reflect on how to be kinder.If you Scorpio, then you can get into a situation where on you with fear and tears flee the only person who can make you happy!This is you do not need?

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there a good Scorpio?

softness and a desire to help is not alien to the representative of the zodiac.Just to understand the true motives of his very few people can.That began to deal with the question of how to be kinder.If you Scorpio, and you do not want to lose friends, you try to do so that they understand you.This is perhaps the most important thing.World Scorpio, a logical and comfortable for him, and the country is closed to others.And it's simple: Suppose that in their experiences and insights of friends, and they will realize how much you are good (good) to them!Any Scorpio internally confident that fair and kind, his actions are for the benefit of loved ones.Only here to take care of that, and they believe in it, he usually forgets.Naturally, the time of thin!Why explained if expensive and so people get all the benefits?And, it turns out, it is even necessary.Man, oddly enough, the warmth of the soul closer than tangible evidence of affection and friendship.And when you consider that strange behavior in Scorpio combined with the touchiness and frankness, what wonder that they are given a lot of advice on how to be good!

If you Scorpio - Teach introspection

People tend to perceive others with his bell.Most Scorpios forget that others are deprived of their strength and confidence.A chat with a powerful man on equal terms is far from everything!It turns out that the Scorpio pushes friends exactly what it all more attractive!His courage and candor.The Council is as follows: analyze their actions and thoughts.Your power - is not only an advantage, but also a responsibility.Try to learn one rule: the strong must take care of the weak.If it will be the basis of your behavior, it will take you around a lot easier.They will be more comfortable.So the question of kindness will be solved!Eventually, Scorpio saves your poison only to the enemies, otherwise he does not want to harm!It is understood that any representative of that mark is good enough by nature, just do not know how to show it.A bit of self-control - and the desired effect will be achieved!