When crop raspberries, how to do it and get excellent harvest?

Perhaps there is no such gardens, which did not grow at least some raspberry bushes.On its useful qualities everyone knows.They love it and the kids and adults.But how to take care of her when crop raspberries, fertilize, known not to everyone.Of course, this plant requires attention.This work is not so difficult, even on forces far removed from man gardening.It is known that raspberry - Perennial shrub.However, the life of each individual escape - 2 years.The first year the stem grows, gains strength.But in the second year branches, crop yields and dies.From root suckers for the continuation of the life of the bush grow new stems.In order not to disturb the order and get a bountiful harvest of the highest quality requires annual pruning plants.When the raspberries should be cut?

1st variant crop - fall

It was in September after picking berries laid basis of the new harvest.Pruning shrubs is done in the fall to prepare plants for winter.Otplodonosivshie branches should be removed.With them and begin cutting.Highlight them easily at a solid brown stems and branches.When it's time to cut the raspberries, it is not necessary to postpone the event, since it is impossible to revive the old branches, they still will shrink and fall off.But in this case at risk of young stems.Sections to be done closer to the base.It is also necessary to remove diseased, broken and growing up in the middle of the weak shoots.Pruning raspberry will get rid of various infections, the larvae of pests and will provide an opportunity actively develop new strong branches.Each meter is sufficient to retain 10-15 shoots.All the old branches should be cut to make a burn site and immediately in order to avoid the spread of infection.

Wintering raspberry

Long remaining branches can be cut by 10-15 cm. Then, it is desirable to tie up shoots to a support.If you expect snowless winter, are put in the garden fence, boards to delay snow.Formed drifts protect shrubs from freezing.If the winter is frosty, it is recommended to pin to the ground by metal hooks shoots.Then the snow will protect and save them from freezing.Before hibernation bush removed all the leaves.This is easily done by wearing a glove on his hand, and then spent the stem from the bottom up.The leaves fall off, the kidneys do not suffer.Left leaf rot, damage the kidneys.Only after the removal of raspberry leaf bends not greater than 50 cm from the ground and secured.

2nd version

When pruning cut raspberries, if you do not fall?Working with young runaways might leave in the spring (after the snow).The plants are cut only the top, tie them in bundles and bends to the ground.Plus this option - the best snow retention and more precise selection of strong branches.

Any form pruning in the fall the soil is loose, fertilized with manure, peat or compost, mulching with sawdust.All this work should be to carry out each year.

These options relate to the usual varieties of raspberries.However, there are remontant varieties, they stalk branching and fruiting occurs in the first year, continuing to the next.When is the best crop varieties remontant raspberries?It offers various ways to trim.You can remove all that has grown over the season.New shoots in the next year will provide a new crop.But this method does not use the full potential of fruiting raspberries.Not all berries have time to ripen.Therefore, most of the varieties of shrubs are cut like usual.Pruning raspberry remontant could be done in the spring.Every gardener decides when to trim raspberry, in its sole discretion, using not only the recommendations of the agronomists, but also his personal experience.