Three simple ways of how to type on the keyboard "dog"

In this short review article will be given three of the most simple ways of how to type on the keyboard "dog".Also based on the simplicity of each method will be advised to use them in practice.

Why is he called?

in the Russian segment of the Internet for the sign "@" well established called the "dog" or "dog".The explanation is quite simple: apparently this sign is strongly reminiscent of curdled eponymous animal.Hence the name.In Israel, this symbol is called "strudel", but Turkey had a different name - "rosette".

When is it necessary?

sign "dog" is typed on the keyboard is mainly in three cases:

  • When typing e-mail box.It necessarily the name of the mailbox and the mail service is shared by the symbol "dog".
  • When typing a text document, which, again, found all the same symbol - the "@".
  • When you edit a custom code, for example, typing a command file (it has an extension «* .bat») «dog" is used to highlight comments.

main way

The easiest way how to type on the keyboard "dog" - is the use of the English language layouts.This symbol is included in its expanded set.In this case, the algorithm is a set:

  • Switch to English input.This can be done by using a special key combination or by using the language bar.In the first case, the most commonly used combination of «Alt» + «Shift» or «Ctrl» + «Shift».But the language bar is located on the taskbar at the bottom right corner of the screen - it is necessary to switch to hover manipulator, click the left button in the list, select the same button English - it corresponds to the abbreviation «En».
  • Then we switch to the application in which you want to enter the "@" symbol.It should be pre-launched and then to search for "dog" is minimized.Hold right button «Alt» and, without releasing it, click «Tab» until the pointer is in the window does not move us in the right application (for example, in the browser window).Then direct the mouse pointer on the input field and commit a single left-click it.
  • After the flashing indicator in the input field we press key «Shift» (possible both left and right) and, without releasing it, press "2" at the top of the keyboard character.It also shows a symbol "@".After that the desired character to appear in the working area of ​​the open application.

This method is universal and works on all computers running "Vindovs."His only drawback - it is necessary to switch to English.If you do not, you will be entered quotes, which are assigned to this key in the Russian keyboard.So you need to enter only the characters "dog" in English.

using the clipboard

Another way to solve this problem as the keyboard type "dog" - is the use of the clipboard.Again, it should be noted that this method works on all PC operating system "Vindovs."Its main disadvantage - is the need for the original symbol.Just get it on a personal computer connected to the global web.But on a separate computer to make it very difficult.The procedure for solving this problem in this case is the following:

  • find the source "@" symbol.Most just do it in a browser.Run any installed Internet viewer and in the search box, enter "sign dog" and press «Enter».The list of answers we find this symbol and select it with the left button of the manipulator.
  • The next step is highlighted character to be placed in the clipboard.To do this, simply press the key combination «Ctrl» and «C».It is also possible for this purpose to use the context menu to the right-arm.In the list, select the item to copy.
  • then goes into the application in which you want to insert the "@" symbol.If this browser, then go to its corresponding tab.If it is another application, then switch to it by using the taskbar (which previously must be running, and then to search for "dog" is minimized).
  • Then you must click the left button of the manipulator in the input field.When the cursor appears, press the enter key «Ctrl» and «C».You can also use the context menu, but now want to use the item "Insert".

In comparison with the previous method in this case it is necessary to do more.And the key disadvantage of this method is the need for the original character that is not on every PC can get.

Using code

Another way of how to put the "dog" on the keyboard is based on the use of ASCII-codes.In this case, the order of a set:

  • activates the input field applications using a single click of the left button of the manipulator.
  • When the flashing cursor we press the right button «Alt» and hold it on the numeric keypad consistently recruit combination of "064".
  • then release the «Alt» - then should appear "@".

This method works with any keyboard layout.Its main disadvantage - is the need to remember a special code, which is not always possible.


now deal with how to type on the keyboard "dog" easier.The easiest method from these three - first.It uses an English keyboard layout (it is on every PC) and is carried out with a minimum of action.In the second case, you must have the original mark, and the third - to remember a specific numeric code (this is not very convenient).Therefore, in practice it is the most efficient use of the first method.