Official style: text examples.

Business style, examples of which are presented in this article, one way or another affects every member of society.He accompanies us in the inevitable daily communication with the state and public institutions.The average person is most often the destination when using a business style.Examples of when the whole huge mass of business texts of different character potentially directed on him are numerous.The situation, when he himself has to be a text and send it to various authorities, there is much less common.

types of business communication

business it can be directed to the person as a citizen of their country.It comes from the state and prescriptive and formal.This question of the state and law.It may also be addressed to an individual as a private person, in this case, its official character is on the wane.In the first case presented by laws and regulations, regulations, directives, orders, rules of business style (examples can be continued).The second with the development of economic reform takes new forms and genres.

Creativity in business speech

desire to have a direct impact on every person leads to search and use various, sometimes bright and expressive ways of linguistic expression, clarity and even obsessive.This requires that the creator of the text of the ingenuity and creativity, close to the art of the poster if it is a written text, and performing arts, if the advertising game plot.This second type of business texts is now growing like an avalanche, and it formed its own techniques, there are talented finds.But do not think that previously did not use such a business style.Examples encountered in the past.You can recall at least Mayakovsky, had offered to waste his talent on poems like "Nowhere except in Mosselprom" or "Who is where, and I'm in the savings bank."

different degree of formality

One thing is clear: the higher the degree of formality of speech, the more reliance on book-writing turns and punches than it is insignificant, the closer we are to the ordinary, even colloquial, the more likely it is not onlywide seam obscheliteraturnogo linguistic resources, but also specifically found ways to hit the reader or viewer and so unusual to get his attention and to influence it.Advertising - the most striking example of what is not only a form of business communication is the official business style.

Examples of advertising are so far away that they can only its original purpose.However, it is observed not only in business communication.You can see the complete analogue of the "scientific and business style - a style popular science" and "business speech - speech advertising," in which the second term is very close to the artistic voice and came out of the original species of the literary language.The first and second terms of the relationships diverge.Accordingly, expenditures and are indicated first and second types of business communication.The process of formation of the literary language alive.We are witnessing rearrangement.Develop business, conversational style.That is, in everyday speech, as well as in newspapers and journalistic, indicating the area of ​​artistic and graphic linguistic freedom.

official business style

The examples above show that the business style - a concept widely enough.Assuming compulsory linguistic homogeneity variety of literary language, it should be recognized that the proper business speech is only the official business of its type.A wide range of areas of public life cover business communication style.

Examples: legislative and executive, production and economic, administrative and economic region, health and trade, domestic and foreign policies.The corresponding texts for them is the general body language means the differences are of a private nature and relate primarily to the specific realities of these regions signs, t. E. Vocabulary and terminology of a number of lexical stamps.Basically built on common principles and official-business style.Examples of use are found in the official documentary, policy, guidance, hardware-methodical, reference information, departmental and other similar publications.

monotony and minimize linguistic resources

In business there is a limit to minimize the speech and, as a result, uniformity of language means.The existence of a large number of small genres of business papers does not lead to their variation.Many genres are united in their policy directions, which leads to the use of verbal instructions, which might be offensive in person, but thrive in business texts: "It is forbidden," "Baggage is prohibited," "The turnout is required" (verbal noun in the "Spoken"reinforces the imperative).

Features verbal and nominal control

desire for specialization and isolation of business communication leads to ease of handling with the laws of verbal control.Originating in the use, in violation of construction obscheliteraturnogo verbal government, repeating as a template, it is a formula.At least it is no less affected and the name of the management.There are cut off from obscheliteraturnogo grammatical system and legitimized even vnutristilevoy normal business language, but is common design: "Instructions of Use", "Instructions for the care of footwear (number 10, 13)", "Tuesday and Thursday the reception is not (announcement)," "Instructions for assembly (number 2) "," Review for abstract "," review the abstract of "(normative about here is seen as low)," Telegrams category of "urgent" are taken out of the lineup (announcement), "" The noise level must not exceed sixtydecibel "and others. In scientific language it is not accepted.

Overstated degree nominative

Overstated degree nominative speech created primarily in four ways: virtually unlimited form of verbal nouns with the suffix "Spoken" and bessuffiksalnyh;nominations deployed entirely nominal character, as the term is used, as well as various kinds of production (the administrative, economic, commercial, legal, etc.) terms;prepositional-case designs of various kinds;using a few, but very frequency of verbs, the purpose of which is not to participate in shaping their own proposals lexical meaning, but only to provide him with the necessary predicativity (they can be considered "empty" or "half empty" verbal markers).This ratio is nominative and verbal observed in scientific language, but in the business it is expressed even more clearly and reaches a possible maximum limit of superiority and dominance of the name of the verb, the lexical meaning of which is losing value and disappears.If it is necessary in the course of communication, instead of the verb acts on a verbal noun "-anie", "ing", "-s".

Artificial verbal nouns and adjectives

verbal noun, saturating business it is very often artificial and form, and word-formation models, and meaningfully.Of such words and such values ​​is not in the dictionaries of modern Russian literary language.Are artificial and adjectives.For example, the inscription on tobacco "Fortress above average."