Sacred animals in Egypt.

Mysterious Ancient Egypt has given mankind many discoveries and wonderful legends.The beliefs of the Egyptians were distinguished sophistication and always attracted their uniqueness.Egyptians praised our little brothers, portraying their gods with animal heads.However, there were some animals that were considered by the gods themselves.One of these rare animals was a black bull Mnevis.This sacred bull in ancient Egypt was considered the embodiment of the god Ra.In different areas of Egypt worshiped different gods or animals.Because of this often encountered religious wars.

sacred animal when he died, his body was embalmed, put in a coffin and are buried.Curiously, some of the animals were buried in a special way.For example, cats buried in Bubastis in the holy crypt of the dead were thrown into the Nile crocodiles, ibises - exclusively in Hermopolis, and the bulls are always right where they died.Surprise discovery of sarcophagi fish, bugs, snakes, ichneumon.

sacred bull in ancient Egypt

Since an important part of the lives of the Egyptians engaged in agriculture, then no such animal as a bull, it was simply impossible to manage.Apparently, out of gratitude, and made it holy.Many will wonder, what is the name of the sacred bull of ancient Egypt.In fact, there are a few names.Bulls used in the complex agricultural work, without them it would be very difficult to obtain a good harvest, and properly handle the ground.Sacred bull in ancient Egypt symbolized fertility.Also honored cows as nurses, representatives of the sky, that is closely connected with the cult of Hathor and Isis, formed as a result of a private cult of the sacred cows of Heaven.

Apis - Egyptian god

God resurgent nature of Egyptians considered Apis.Who is Apis, the god of which it in Egypt?Apis is considered the god of fertility, according to legend, he fertilizes the sacred cow, from their copulation born golden calf (the solar disk).The sacred bull of the ancient Egyptians lived in the temple of Ptah, in Memphis, there lived and oracles that studying animal behavior, based their predictions.The ritual of the bull run that has brought the inhabitants of Egypt's prosperity and fertility.Figure out who the Apis, the god of exactly what it was in ancient times, move on.When Apis died, they solemnly buried in the underground necropolis of Memphis, the ceremony took place in the west of the Nile.Previously animals were mummified and placed in a sarcophagus decorated with amulets and expensive jewelry.After the death of Apis priests to be found new Egyptian sacred bull.However, it is not easy, the successor must have special signs.Herodotus described the signs.According to its description, the new Apis was supposed to be born of a cow, which after him will never be able to give birth.Young calf, Apis is elected must be black on the forehead have a white triangle, ponytail - dual band (only 29 signs).New Sacred bull in ancient Egypt was to be found by priests in 60 days.As long as conducted searches priests fasted.When an animal is found to be solemnly carried him up the Nile to the temple of Ptah, to the Memphis.Apis people met on the beach to welcome and to show their respects.

sacred bulls

sacred animals in Egypt are diverse, but the bulls among them are one of the leading places.Bull Mnevis was called "the sun" because he was the embodiment of the sun god.Also they worshiped and Buhisa this bull was black and was depicted with the solar disk between the horns.Regarding color color Buhisa thought that he is able to change color every hour.Revered white bull (Mina) and the wife of the Heavenly Cow, who took her in an intimate relationship.

Animals associated with Anubis

associated with this god jackals, dogs, wolves.In Kinopolskom nome was the cult of jackals and dogs.Cult Upuatsta associated with wolves.

sacred goats and sheep

More Herodotus said about the cult of the goats.This animal is associated with the gods and Shai Banebdzhedet.Sheep and were respected throughout all the inhabitants of Egypt.It was believed that the sacred animals of Egypt were associated with the soul of the Egyptians they symbolized fertility.Special Amon was considered - the ram with curved and curved horns.Sheep with long horns were not given, unlike Amon wool.Sheep are very revered by the Egyptians, just try not to kill them, dressed in their wool was forbidden even to appear in the temple.

Crocodiles Crocodiles were compared with the god Sobek Nile waters.These sacred animals in Egypt after the establishment of irrigation systems and the appearance of the reservoir multiplied its population.It was thought that crocodiles can command the flooding of rivers, which bring silt fields useful.Just as the sacred bull was taken, as selected and the sacred crocodile.Chosen lived in the temple, revered by people, and soon all become tame.In Thebes forbidden to kill crocodiles, even if they carried a threat to life.Despite the fact that the crocodile - a sacred animal, it is considered the epitome of evil and the enemy of the sun god, assistant Seth.

Snakes, frogs

Frogs, like many other living things of Egypt, worshiped by the fact that symbolized fertility.However, frogs are also considered animals Heket goddess who was the patroness of childbirth.The ancient Egyptians believed that the frog has the function of procreation, because it was associated with the cult of the afterlife and the resurrection after the departure of the other world.

From Herodotus was also aware of the sacred serpents, their sacred to the god Ra, and was buried in the temple of Karnak.


revered in Egypt as poultry, including mythical, these include Great Gogotun and Bento.From real bird revered hawk, ibis, vulture.For killing sacred birds were executed.The ibis was worshiped in Egypt as a zmeeborets Egyptians have learned to "purify", seeing it "empties" and washes himself.

God Ba was depicted as a falcon with a human head, the bird itself is considered the soul of God.In ancient Egypt, there was a belief that the falcon - the defender of the pharaohs.

Kite symbolizes the sky and the gods Mut and Nehbet.


Image scarab beetle can be found in any tomb.This beetle was also sacred in ancient Egypt, it was associated with sun worship.The Egyptians believed that scarab have, like frogs, spontaneous function.Beetles are protected from harm, were amulets for Egyptians fleeing snake bites and helped resurrect after death (of course, according to legend).


Goddess taweret depicted in Egypt as a pregnant female hippopotamus, but, despite the popularity of the goddess, the cult of the animal was not a widespread phenomenon, they worshiped only Paprimitskom District.Oddly enough, these animals, like crocodiles, were considered enemies of the god Ra and the embodiment of evil.


These animals are regarded as unclean in Egypt.Plutarch said that the Egyptian people believe that if you drink the milk pig, the skin is covered with scabs and leprosy.Once a year, the pig was sacrificed and eaten.There was a legend that one day the great Typhon hunted boar in the full moon, and the beast led him to a wooden coffin of Osiris.The pig is associated with the sky, it is like the moon, and her cubs - stars.

cats and lions

believed that Egypt - the birthplace of cats.This animal is revered by the fact that the state was agrarian, and rodent could save only a cat, because it gave the tribute.Cats were considered as homemakers.When dying in a house cat, declared mourning.Buried animals with special honors.Bast (Goddess of Love) is associated with a cat, even the great god Ra, is depicted in the form of a red cat.For killing a cat facing the death penalty.Egyptians love to these animals once brought them grief: the Persian king Cambyses ordered his soldiers to tie to the shield of the cat, so Egypt surrendered without a fight.Lions symbolize strength and power of the pharaohs.The cult was not universal.The center of the cult - Leontopol.

Egypt - an amazing country, where many centuries worshiped different animals.Whether they personified evil or good, the Egyptians respectful of our younger brothers.The story of sacred animals fascinating, interesting and more instructive.As part of our story is concerned, only a small part of this culturally rich world.The history of ancient Egypt, its rituals and ceremonies associated with sacred animals - is a separate world that plunge and enjoys all.