Lessons astromineralogii.

Pomegranate - one of the most famous gems, very hard, includes in its membership some types of metals.The color characteristics of its pretty versatile - from rich hot, blood-red tones to a solar orange, brown and quiet cold green.Most often found in nature red koboshony (a natural form of cut).The name of the stone was due to the striking similarity of its location in the grain fields with the same name east of the fetus.Spirituality, magicians and women are very loved jewelry and ritual objects made out of it.After this amazing mineral has many supernatural abilities!

Stone from all diseases

already in the texts of the alchemists of the 13th century repeatedly mentioned stone garnet.Magical properties were studied him deeply and seriously, mineral attributed miraculous qualities.For example, it was thought that if the hard hopelessly sick man acquire a stone on which is artfully carved lion, he will have a full recovery, will live a long and healthy life without fear of any further problems with health.Moreover - if you like a talisman will get a merchant or traveler, it can not be afraid of long journeys and others' edges.From all the ills and misfortunes it safely protect stone garnet, magical properties which are so strong that not admitted to his master any country hostile force.

Perpetuum soul

Another useful feature gem - invigorate, energize, lust for life and action.Because it is good for people apathetic, clumsy phlegmatic and generally anyone who is heavy on the rise.In this regard, very good for Dev stone garnet.The magical properties of its spur sluggish representatives of this sign will force them to act decisively, actively pursue their goals and grow in their own laziness.What else can help with cold and reasonable, even prudent Virgo mineral, so it's warm their souls with its hot fire.Of course, it should be noted that it mainly red - pomegranate stone.The magical properties of its accentuated to a greater extent in this color.However, other colors, these crystals are able to kindle a fire of passion in the hearts of human weaknesses.And not just Kindle - incinerate!It creates a strong desire, which can not resist even a very disciplined people.And as the alarm starts to shine brightly exaggerated worn on the arm or neck red and green garnet.Stone magical properties are such that the holder will stop for a moment and think, what is it will lead?The restlessness similar end?A green gems open a person with esoteric skills foresight and clairvoyance.

stone order and equilibrium

Astrologers believe that Sagittarians in many ways fits grenades.Stone magical properties harmonizes with your mobile, volatile and active nature of this fire sign.By the way, fire, warmth - that brings them together.However, Sagittarians and so impulsive and active grenades can make them unmanageable.But this mineral enhances the properties of the other gems worn by people.And he has long been considered the epitome of dedication, loyalty, reliability.Because the ring with garnet nice to get hold of Aries, especially the ladies.With it, they will understand in their affairs of the heart, a dozen fans will choose the one most worthy and will find personal happiness.Plus all the other characteristics gem worth mention, such as the acceleration of regenerative functions of the body, the healing of wounds and burns.

That such medicinal and magical properties nature bestowed grenades.