Evaluation of inventory CS: GO - one of the most necessary functions

Counter Strike - one of the most long-running series of games.Originally conceived as a modification of the COP for Half Life.However, the project has become so popular in the gaming environment, the developers decided to release a full game on the confrontation of terrorists and special forces.Since then, came a lot of different variations of the game (think "CS: Sours" or "COP: Zombies")."Conter Strike Global Offensiv" - the last and currently the most advanced version of the game.Perfect balance, new weapons, excellent graphics and plenty of new maps.But perhaps the most important advantage of CS: GO can be considered a system of collecting weapons, which we discuss in this article.

weapon in CS: GO

As is known, in-game purchases in CS: GO does not affect the balance sheet.That is, all the players are in a completely equal footing.What, then, can be purchased at CS: GO for real money?

Valve Company regularly releases new skins for weapons that can be purchased, throwing a couple of hundred rubles on the Steam account.These teksturki perform a purely aesthetic function, and do not give any advantages.But, despite this, some Soup can cost a fabulous sum.For example, the price of a knife "KARAMBIT" starts with 300 dollars.

worth to notice that the skins fall during a normal game.That is, to get good Soup, necessarily pour money, you just need to play more.

Evaluation inventory CS: GO

Surely you do not just fall out various Soup at the end of rounds.But have you ever thought about what you dropnuvsheesya gun can cost a lot of money?Perhaps somewhere on the bottom of your inventory are treasures in the form of expensive AWP or M4A1.So how do you find the value of their devices?This process is called "valuation of inventory CS: GO".How to evaluate the cost?For this there are special resources to carry out the calculation of inventory CS: GO.About them we will talk in this article.

How do the assessment sites?

In order to assess the inventory sites are connected to the "stim" and browse your inventory (it should be visible to all users).Then, the resource is automatically banishes all your device directly through the trading platform and calculates their total cost.After the counting of the site gives you the results.This whole process takes only a few seconds.

Many users are afraid to use such services, for fear of breaking the account.And for good reason.After all, using proven and old resources to count inventory (one of which we will discuss in this article), you risk nothing.

Why evaluation of things CS: GO?

Many consider sites to assess the equipment useless.It is possible to calculate the price of all their belongings.But it is not.Automatic evaluation of inventory CS: GO - a very useful feature.First of all it is necessary to traders.Typically, such people have tools packed to capacity.And if you count the cost of devices manually, it may take all day.Automatic evaluation of inventory CS: GO coping in seconds.In addition, commodities prices are constantly changing.And while you spend a full inventory, the cost of one of the guns could fall or, conversely, to get up.In turn, the cost of things on the sites to assess the inventory is updated regularly.This means that you will always get the latest and updated information on the cost of items.

As you can see, the evaluation of inventory CS: GO - it is not just useful, it is necessary for the function of millions of players.Now we talk about one of the most popular sites that allow you in no time to learn the price of its stock.

CG: GO Zone

CG: GO Zone - an excellent site that assesses things in CS: GO.The first thing that catches your eye - is a delightful design, made in the style of the original game.The interface at the site is very simple to understand can any.At the top is a button with which you can log in through the "Steam" (you need to calculate the cost of devices).Login, you must go to your personal profile, and there perform the count.After processing the information, the site will give you information about the total cost of inventory and each weapon individually.

also worth to notice that the site, in addition to counting, is a function of the trade (reminiscent inherently csgoloundge).If you want to exchange your device, you can put an ad (for free), and if someone is interested in your offer, it will spread to your Steam profile.If you want to buy something, you can put in a search for the subject you are interested in.It will give you all the vendors and links to their accounts.

It is important to notice that for the assessment of your inventory must be open for viewing.Otherwise, the site will give an error and will not be able to count.To fix this, you need to edit your profile.To do this, go to "My privacy settings."Next in the line "Inventory" put a check next to "Public - visible to everyone on the Internet."Then save the changes and go to our website.Now, everything should work.