Wellness ball Technogym - training in the workplace

In autumn we do not want to lose the ease that we have acquired over the summer!Technogym company offered a simple means to maintain the tone can be right on the spot!

Beach ball has long established itself as one of the most versatile and convenient tool for exercise.And this time the company Technogym, famous for around the world for innovation for the gym, do not invent, but made this an easy thing even more functional, useful and visually pleasing.

Wellness ball Technogym, as well as all the classic balls, unstable, and to sit on it, of course, will have to balance: so throughout the day, the work of the turn will be included all the muscles responsible for the balance of the body - the muscles of the back and abdomen.Such balancing helps to improve the tone and the entire body muscle tissue seal.Of course, there is no guarantee of weight loss after sitting on the ball, but the "disperse" the metabolism exactly happens.Plus, wellness bol ensure correct posture, preventing the emergence of problems with the spine.

But the main advantage of the ball Technogym that it is fully able to replace desk chair - wellness-ball made of special materials (patented dual structure density - lower half denser than the upper) that did not allow him to roll from place to place,a rider - to lose balance, because balance would only local muscles (whole body), not interfering with the habitual use of the computer.

In addition, this feature allows you to sit at the same place again and again without having to worry about what office skirt or trousers got dirty.A strict stylish case, in addition to running the ball, decorate the workplace at the office.In other words, sitting on such a ball is not only pleasant and convenient, but also useful, and, by the way, the company Technogym, taking care of its employees, replaced everything chair in his office (even in negotiation) on wellness bolas.

Of course, because of all these innovations wellness ball does not lose its original function - thanks to a convenient handle on the cover of the ball can be easily transferred from place to place and use at home even for a complete program of activities - it allows you to perform a lot of different exercises forfitness, stretching and relaxation of muscles.And even the most basic exercises it will contribute to decrease back pain, reduce pressure and improve circulation.

company Technogym - a world leader in the field of wellness and fitness - offers hardware, software and services to create the Total Wellness Solution.Ferrari driver from the Formula 1 ", players of football clubs Juventus, Inter, Milan, Ajax, Real Madrid and Liverpool for many years trained support form by Technogym.

More than 35,000 wellness-centers and 20,000 private homes are equipped with exercise machines Technogym.The company not only supplies equipment for many athletes from around the world, it has also been the official supplier of the four Olympics - in Sydney (2000), Athens (2004), Turin (2006) and Beijing (2008) and became the exclusive official supplier of the Olympic and Paralympicthe 2012 Games in London.

Articles Source: technogym.com