The main functions of management and their characteristics

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Before considering the basic functions of management is to uncover the very concept of management functions.First of all, it is worth noting that the management of the organization is a complex process, which includes different types of management.All the basic functions of management are closely connected with each other to form an integrated system designed to achieve certain goals.All the basic functions of management are different specific techniques and methods.Consider what types of management activities constitute a general concept of the basic functions of management:

Base, home management is a function of planning.Activity of the company or firm is required to begin drawing up a plan.To complete the picture is not enough just to list management functions, their characteristics will help uncover more deeply studied the issue.Through planning defines the objectives and priorities for the development of the company, as well as the necessary components of the program of action to achieve them.

are divided by type of plan: term covering the time interval of at least 3 and up to 5 years;medium term - not less than one year;short term - in the range of the calendar year.

experienced managers used all kinds of planning.The professionalism of the manager is forward-thinking, combined with practical action, as well as the ability to allocate the target.Managing for results - it is nothing like management by objectives, bringing together planning and control.

Thus, examining the concept of management functions such as planning, we work closely with the touched control function, which is the monitoring of how effectively the organization achieved its goals and, if necessary, correction of deviations.Control allows you to quickly identify and correct problems before they become irreversible.With this control serves as a link connecting all the functions of management, their characteristics will be presented below.

Not less important is a function of management, as an organization.It includes as organizational design and organization of the work process.

In the process of organizational design division produced all the company's units in major areas, selected to achieve the goals of the organization.It also establishes the powers of the various offices and their relations.

organization process is designed to ensure the normal functioning and interaction of the different divisions of the company in achieving its goals.

organizational structure formed in the process of organizational design, so this is nothing like the rules, which are developed by managers for the efficient allocation of responsibilities and division of labor.The organizational structure allows the transition from planning to action.

Another function of management - motivation, which is the process of encouraging employees to activities strictly aimed at achieving its objectives.Motivation as a management activity uses the following levers of influence on the team: the moral and economic incentives.

Under the stimulus means the use of incentives to motivate people.At the same manager used the theory of motivation can be broken down as follows:

theories of motivation, revealing the dynamics of the interaction of different reasons;

content Theory of motivation, identifies and analyzes the factors of motivation.