How is teething in infants?

As you know, on health care for the baby should begin from the very first days of his life, including of small teeth.Otherwise, it is likely that the child will suffer from a toothache.In this article we will consider the greatest detail how the teething in infants.


So, the first teeth begin to appear in children by about six months of life.However, this is merely statistical data.If this did not happen in the joy of your family, in any case, do not panic, because each case is different and directly dependent on many factors (heredity, water quality, the health of the mother during gestation, etc.).But, of course, teething in infants is a very important event.

order of appearance

First of all it should be noted that about three years your child will have to have to own the entire "set" of teeth in the amount of 20 pieces.As noted above, the teething in infants begins with a six-month-old.First, as a rule, there are two bottom, one month later - the top two.So, by the year of the child can be called decent little critters as his mouth will show off eight Zubikov.Recall that all of these figures are the averages.It is therefore not necessary to consider the fact that an abnormality, for example, a year if the baby only three teeth.It is noteworthy that the very first tooth can appear either alone or in tandem with others.There are facts and when kids appeared four teeth at once.

Teething in infants.Primary symptoms

Many parents wonder, "How do we know that the baby is teething?"Experts recommend close to five months to regularly check the gums crumbs.So, gums for teething should blush even more pripuhnut.It is the surest evidence that mouth very soon there will be new "citizens".In addition, and the child will constantly warn of the impending event.So, children begin to cry constantly, naughty, chew on toys and a crib, rubbing the gums with his fists.The thing is that the mouth is a gradual mechanical irritation of the majority of nerve endings, which then leads to severe itching.That's why kids are so active and try to get rid of such unpleasant sensations.

How to help crumbs

First of all, experts recommend to buy special toys, due to which the baby can scratch your gums.In addition, you should use special gels and ointments on the basis of sedatives, which removed a terrible itching gums.Teething children (photo shows what appears in the first place) should mitigate through the most ordinary massage.Mom can gently massage the site of the future tooth that significantly reduce pain.