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head of one of the largest companies on the benefits of failure and mistakes, learning and the role of women ...

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi was born in India, where he also received a bachelor's degree in mathematics, then a Diploma in Management (MBA) Indian Institutemanagement.His career started with Indra, a manager at the local unit of Johnson & amp;Johnson.In 1978 (when she turned 23 years), Indra went to study at the Yale School of Management, and then continued her career in the United States.She joined PepsiCo in 1994, 6 years later became Chief Financial Officer in 2006, was appointed CEO, and a year later was elected chairman of the board of directors with the registration office of the General Director.PepsiCo - the second company in the world for the production of food and beverage industry with an annual turnover of more than $ 60 billion. Indra 57 years with her husband, she raised two daughters, as well as among the ten most influential women in the world by Forbes.

• I worked harder than any of the men, but I did not do it just because I'm a woman.

• The distance between the first number and the second number is always constant.If you want to improve your organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization will be pulled behind you.

• If your life has not been failures due to errors, then soon make a mistake, and I will explain why.Because when I take a step back and look at the most important lessons of my life, they all grow from the mistakes that I made and which led to the failure.And when that happens, do not hide in its shell and do not despair ... Sit for a moment and answer yourself the question: what I learned from this experience and how to make sure that such does not happen in the future.

• Move inland before moving outwards, because if you do not know every aspect of the activities from the very beginning, you will never be trustworthy leader.

• If you tune to the fact that lifelong learning, any meeting with anyone, whether it's the janitor, cleaning lady, a family member, a mentor or supervisor, will be for you a meaningful, because each of them something you teaches life, humanity, and work as long as you keep your eyes open and learn every interaction significantly.

• success - is not money, prestige or power, as self-esteem never determined the size of the state.True success - is to be happy with yourself, be implemented.And it comes when you dedicate yourself, your time, your life is what you most enjoy doing.

• When I became CEO, I got home at 10 pm and said, "Mom, I have very important news."And I heard in response: "Leave your big news, and go buy milk."I went and bought milk, blurted it in front of her on the kitchen table and said, "Tell me, why me and not somebody else has to buy milk?" She looked at me and said, "Look, when you're entering the garage, leave the crown there.Do not come to her house, because first of all you - a wife and mother.And if the family need milk, you go and buy milk.This is your main role in life. "

• If we do not practice conscious capitalism, I think we concelebrate disservice to the world: we accept a world that is already unreliable, unbalanced, unstable, and all that it worsened.

• In today's world of blogs and Twitter conversations become more abrupt.In many ways, we have become more efficient, but I think that the number of long conversations, which carry more heat, apparently reduced.

• Why come to work and pretend you all right?I come to work and say, "I potsapalas My husband and I needed 15 minutes to recover."Everyone understands that I'm also a human being.

• You can not create a personality for the job, other than the one that stays at home.You can not do this simply because if you're trying to live like that, you're living a lie.

• Mentors themselves find you.If you go to somebody and say, "Be my mentor," and that person agrees, in fact he's not your mentor.For teachers themselves must find you, because you have something that they consider worthy of instruction ... If someone becomes your mentor, please, listen to him.There is nothing worse than not listening to teachers and to give them time.Thus, you will very quickly turn them away.

• I would advise women to leave with a sense of guilt.I think we are all genetically programmed to feel guilty for something that is not fully paid work.And if we do it, we are worried that it is not fully committed to the children or husband.If you part with guilt, you will throw off his shoulders an enormous burden.

• I love my family, but PepsiCo is also my child, so I do not look for a job here as a routine.I believe that it has a therapeutic effect.

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