Tattoos and mysticism

Following fashion, a passing fancy, and maybe global desire to change something in their life a person makes a magical tattoo.

Have you ever wondered how these patterns affect the man and his life?Of course, if it's something good and bright - tattoo only emphasize the beauty of your body.But all is not safe.Sometimes, for whatever reasons, you sadish his shoulder black angel for fun beat "baker's dozen" ... And can you liked this wonderful character, and do not care what the master did not tell you its meaning ...

Here are a few stories"dark" magical tattoos.

begin with prisons, where vexation of spirit is very large, and the ability to fill a spiritual void limited.

In one colony, two prisoners pinned on his back the image of the Church, and on the buttocks - trait.Without any ulterior motive, just pinned all.And the fact that the church and the devil can not compatible, especially on the human body, and it never occurred.A month later, they both suddenly died.When the news spread through the c

olony, in mysticism, of course, no one believed.Found skeptic nakolovshy itself all the same notorious feature of the church.Again, it was not in vain: after two weeks while working at a construction site and the snakes fell to death crashed.In the area of ​​the most absurd rumors it has spread.And then one authoritative thief decided to put the point in this case.On the same day his body appeared the famous tattoos.What happened next?

story of the thief: "At night, after the tattooing, I was awakened by a light touch. He opened his eyes and saw a man in black, who said that in two weeks - the day of my death. The voice was some rustling, unnatural, but I heardevery word. In the morning I felt sick, and I thought it was blood poisoning - maybe not very clean tool made tattoo. In the evening I again saw a man in black. He was smiling, and this in his veins froze blood shudder.From the moment it was kept somewhere nearby. When I fall asleep, I dreamed the same dream: a field with faded grass in a field black church, and on the ground lying ropes with ready-made loops - take it and davis. On the ninthday, I did not want to live. At the end of the second week asked the guys bricks scrape me these horrible tattoos. With tattoos rip off and the skin with the flesh, but I endured. From the tattoo has disappeared, and the man in black stopped me worry ".

girl and demon .

make yourself a girl Chinese character and it immediately after patterning fell unhappiness.For a year she lost her job, gave birth to a stillborn child and left her husband.A last drop, or just led her to commit suicide, was a gang rape by drunken youngsters.Slightly oklemalas and ran to reduce their tattoo, which, as it turned out the word "demon".Now abroad, and everything in her life was adjusted.

13 dtsat ..

few years ago, 40-year-old man filled a tattoo on his little finger - the number "13".And all these years, he said, he was haunted by "bad luck."Sick relatives, which resulted in considerable financial expenditure.Son took to drink.Wife left him.When the tattoo erased, then his life is changed as if by magic.He met the woman he loves, and from a deceased grandfather he inherited unique house.

Bride of Satan

girl wanted to achieve something in this life.For this very hard day of working in the office, at night and moonlighted as a dishwasher in a restaurant.Fatigue took its toll - asleep on the job in the office, and then was fired.On the same day the street from her purse snatched.The upset she was looking through glossy magazines.On the cover of one of them I saw a beautiful girl with a pentagram on his forearm.Pentagram zavorozhivala.The next day, she pinned her to him to the nearest tattoo parlor.What happened next is more like a mystic.Coming out of the salon, she saw her missing bag, brim full of money.

time passed.She became the owner of the firm, where it has been dismissed, now she dined at the restaurant and went to the car with security.The success was its trump card.Any discussions always ended in her favor.All that was once dreamed of came true with such unprecedented ease.

Life seemed rosy, and only one "but" it clouded - when a man in her life tattoo began to hurt and bleed.And then a contender for the heart just evaporated in an unknown direction.After another failed attempt to arrange his personal life, the girl had a dream, which clearly came the words - I'll give you whatever you want, but you're mine.She decided to get rid of the tattoo.As soon as this thought occurred to her from all sides showered her unhappiness.Crashed car company took competitors inflamed tattoo and went septicemia.

The result of the above - making aggressive magical tattoo - a trait or a vampire - a man surrounds himself with a barrier that is difficult to overcome.Tattoo constantly reminds its owner: "I am strong, evil and hate the world."Some psychologists are of the opinion that the tattoo - a part of the mechanism of zombies, render a carrier of another's will.After all, a lot of tattoos is a so-called pentacles - magical figures, with which to carry out the rituals of submission.A pentacle made on human skin, but still alive ... He had already combines three essential components of witchcraft - the physical, energetic and spiritual.

Before deciding on a tattoo - think a pattern is right for you and what you want to attract into your life.

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