How to choose the interior style: country style or Victorian style?

Victorian and country styles are radically different from each other styles, but they have in common, as both styles are more suitable in the design of mansions, country houses, and not for urban apartments.

what is meant by a Victorian style?

Times of Queen Victoria's reign coincided with the development of the Industrial Revolution, when the British Empire flourished thanks to the colonies.Among the society dominated by conservative values, bourgeois morality.

become the norm sobriety, punctuality, and an example for this was the Queen herself, who gave himself entirely family as well as public debt.Therefore, it changes the outlook and way of life subjects of the Queen.People began to strive to achieve in their homes solidity and quality factor, the background is gone frivolity and levity.

This era gave rise to the emergence of a new style, which was called Victorian.In the construction and decoration of houses, the British 19th century used the elements of ethnic and historical trends, all of whom recently took the place of Gothic Revival, which became the basis of style.

Distinctive features of the Victorian style was the sense of proportion, harmony, balance, respectability, they lived in peace with space and color saturation.

main materials used in the Victorian style, is wood: oak, beech, mahogany, walnut.Massive wooden furniture trim thread, brass, bronze and silver details.Doors should be made to match the furniture.

As for the wallpaper, they are choosing darker shades to present floral pattern or a complex embossing patterns.When illuminated using heavy, large hanging chandeliers.Blinds sewn from thick fabric, on the background wall flower should choose plain colors.

Victorian era is considered to Colonial times.In those days, traveling to China, India, Australia, considered mundane.With these countries, the British always brought different things and ornaments used in the design of future homes.Therefore, the Victorian style always contains notes of the exotic.

Victorian considered interior design that has its priorities: a noble respectability, family values, purity of thoughts and good manners.

Main features of country style

Country style is complicated styles, which has a distinct ethnic character.For American house, country-style ranch for Russian log hut, it is for the Swiss Alpine chalet.Direction characterized by coarse simplicity, certain dimensions of life, and the opportunity to be alone with nature.

At furnish houses and apartments used exclusively natural materials: stone, wood.The walls are plastered with rough compositions used tiles, which is stylized for the old days, or stone.

Curtains are made of lightweight materials, the presence of prints on them.Furniture surface veiled swipe of lace, which are made by manual work.

for some racy style, be sure to add in the interior of people's accents, so in the style of Russian country can apply Khokhloma painting, forged elements.

Cent design exposure this style is the center where the whole family.In this style is to place the presence of a fireplace or stove on which the atmosphere can be filled with comfort and warmth.And, of course, in Russian country style, for interior decoration need a samovar.

selected style is obvious from the outside

main rule in the interior in a certain style, it says that the interior of the house must be made in the same style with a view from the outside.Therefore, to solve the dilemma, which style to choose country or Victorian, it will not be difficult.

If you want to choose a style of decoration for a small one-story house, it is best to fit the style of country music, if selected for the two or three-story mansion, then, of course, the choice is stopped at the Victorian style.

If it is difficult to pick one style, it is possible to transform the living room and bedroom in a Victorian style, the kitchen, done in the spirit of the country.

only professional designers under the force to wipe clear edge, combining the two styles together.

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