How to create a design balconies with their hands?

Balcony in modern city apartments has traditionally been a place to store things temporarily idle or just the fact that it is a pity to throw away.Meanwhile, this room can be made virtually a full bathroom, which will be a place for rest and relaxation.

Create or alter the design balconies with their hands quite possible, but before you do this, you need to think about their needs and desires.How it will look after the repair?Will there be a cozy chair or coffee table?Will it open or it is better to glaze?What are the best colors and shades to choose for registration?All these issues will have to decide based on their tastes and opportunities, and the need to take into account the area of ​​the premises.Thus, the design of a small balcony must combine beauty and functionality, you will need to make maximum use not only horizontal surfaces, but also the walls.

First of all, you need to decide whether he will be used only in the summer or year-round.This will determine whether it is necessary to carry out additional work on insulation and heating.In addition, the interior design of the balcony should be organically integrated into the overall style of the house.On the other hand, this place is supposed to make a place for recreation.

Best of all, creating the design of the balcony with his own hands, to think about the use in the decoration of natural materials: wood, stone, rattan furniture, you can still place the pots with herbs.If space does not permit, they are even better hang from the ceiling or to arrange a vertical landscaping along one wall.You can hang a light curtain, but you can do without them, perhaps more interesting will look like bamboo blinds.For storage of things that used to be simply stacked in the room, you can make a high cupboard full height of one of the short walls.

Create design balconies with their hands is very interesting, if space allows, you can put a small sofa there, even on the smallest lodge could fit a couple of bar stools or folding chairs beautiful.It should be noted that the glazing area of ​​the premises will decline slightly.

By the way, an interesting idea - to make this room a kind of resting place in the Turkish style: to lay a carpet, throw pillows and put the hookah.In this case, however, it is necessary to take care of fire safety.Single women, for example, there can be something like a boudoir or spa area.By the way, in recent years very often on the balcony a mini steam rooms, which occupy very little space.In an extreme case, you can think about how to demolish a wall or part of it between the balcony and the bathroom.In this case it will be possible to make even the picture window.

So, to create a design balconies with their hands is not so difficult.It is much harder to realize their ideas, not only so as to keep within the budget, but also that this place is really met all the requirements of the owners.But it's nice to be in the morning then sit down in a wicker chair and a cup of coffee.Or read a book under the lamp light winter evening, comfortably wrapped in a blanket and looking out the window as the snow falls.The main thing - to start!