How to test vision in the home.

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spirit of the times - people almost round the clock sit out of the screen.Surge of long directed almost one point, begin to notice that it becomes indistinct.And while reading a book there is a desire to push it out of sight.

As a rule, in case of problems with eyesight first looking on the Internet, how to test vision in the home.Check visual acuity - an assessment of your ability to distinguish between the individual parts.Visual acuity test for a great distance, and separately, after 40 years, check near vision.With the standard procedure of verification by an ophthalmologist familiar any citizen.

How to test vision in the home?You can use a variety of tests from the Internet, or print all of the familiar table of test and hang it on the wall, with 5 meters each eye separately to try to read the letters in the 12 series.Visual acuity of 0.1 - the top number up to 2.0 - the lower number.If you can read the 10-th line, the vision is normal.Otherwise, the correction is necessary.

There is another option, as your eyes tested at home.It should be seen from 3 meters to drawn in different directions of the letter "E" by the line 0.5 cm. A man whose vision is normal, properly determine their direction: bottom, top, left or right.

all domestic methods - is an approximate test of visual acuity, as for such a study more important contrast visible signs and illumination.Therefore, without wondering how to test vision in the home, it is better to go to an ophthalmologist.

What is normal vision?

This visual acuity were compared with the normal view of people who can read the letters of the lower rows of the table at a distance of 6 meters.6/6 or 20/20 in feet - a measure of normal visual acuity.The first number is the distance from which the check vision.A second number is the distance from which the normally sighted people can read the same line on the table.

If the second number is smaller than the first number - better eyesight standards, if more, then less normal.Index 20/10 (6/3) means that a person sees at a distance of 6 meters, and a man whose vision indicators are within normal limits, read this line from 3 meters.For more information, a vision is normal, it can be found only by an ophthalmologist.

User, looking at the computer screen, the eye muscles are fixed.By nature, they are characterized by dynamism.The duration of a high concentration - are additional eye strain.In addition, the screen as a light source device is active contrast, while the sheet of plain paper - a passive contrast.The screen image is dynamically updated with low frequency that causes flicker.As a result, your eyes get tired, there are headaches, irritability, nervous tension and stress.The most important side effect of the computer is its ability to lead to the development of myopia.

can guard against this high resolution monitor, and therefore more accurate and clear picture.In this case, it decreases fatigue of the body.Periodically, as a preventive away from the monitor to the side and do simple exercises gymnastics for the eyes.

consequence of continuous operation on a computer that is "dry eye syndrome", which means that the drying surface of the eye.For prevention we recommend the following exercise: zazhmurte much, and then open your eyes after 2-3 seconds.Repeat 10-20 times.Do not forget that the computer vision and strongly interlinked.

Do not be lazy, take each hour only 2-3 minutes this simple exercise, and it will help preserve vision.Do not forget that through the organ of sight, we get 90% of all information from the outside world.