Error 0h80070035, "the network path was not found"

One happens when you come home after a hard day, you want poserfit on the Internet, but instead pops up a window with the inscription "error 0h80070035, network path not found."But do not despair, there is a solution.

What is the error code 0h80070035

Let's deal.Error 0h80070035 arises from the fact that the computer does not find the network path, t. E. Can not connect to the Internet.She can look so:

the problem may be several:

- conflict of IP-addresses;

- problems with the router;

- problems with the network card or its driver;

- lock connection Antivirus;

- problems at the provider.

solve these malfunctions and lightweight, it is necessary to make a few simple steps.

conflict IP-addresses

also see the error code can be 0h80070035 with a note of "conflict of IP-addresses", but it may not be.This occurs when the network is connected to a new computer and takes a IP-address, which is reserved on a different computer.This usually occurs in organizations where all the machines connected to the network, and the addresses are distributed randomly.But it can happen and home PC.To solve problems that have to take a different, free IP-address.

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to Windows 7 is as follows.Go to the Control Panel and follow to "Network and Internet".There click on "Center Network and Sharing Center."In the right column choose "Change adapter settings" and then find the desired network connection and go to properties.From the list, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).Address recorded there best anywhere to record or photograph in any case.

Put flyspecked to automatically obtain an IP-address and DNS-server.Click OK.Now the connection should resume.If not, we return back to the old IP and beyond looking for the cause.

Problems with the router

Often 0h80070035 error occurs because of a problem with the router.There are some models that can often lose network.In this common problem will restart.Produced procedure in two ways:

  • Through the admin panel.In the browser address bar enter, and then write the username and password.It can be found in the passport to the router.Very often, the same username and password - admin.The following is found in the menu reset (usually under administration or system tools).

  • approach the router, switch it off, and after 5

Sometimes it happens that the Internet is resumed after the router is disconnected from the wall outlet and turn on after 5 seconds.It is worth a try if all else fails.If this fails to connect again to appear, it is most likely to blame for the router.

Because p-node mode

More 0h80070035 Windows 7, the problem may lie in the fact that the PC uses to determine the name resolution method p-node.You can check this as follows.

Go to the "Start" button, find the standard "Run" (or recruit key combination Win + R).In the window that appears, enter the command "cmd".At the command prompt enter "ipconfig / all", press Enter.If the report indicates the type of node "peer", the computer is in the district assembly.This can be changed in the register.

need all of the same program, "Run."In it, enter the command "regedit", which opens the window for editing the registry.Then go through the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE // System // CurrentControlSet // Service // NetBT // Parameters.In this folder, and remove values ​​DhcpNodeType Node Type, and then you need to restart your computer.

Lock Antivirus

happens that the network connection is blocked Antivirus calling code "0h80070035: The network path was not found."Basically it makes such well-known programs such as "Kaspersky" and NOD32.You can check this by disabling antivirus on time.If after that the Internet appeared, it should go to the anti-virus program and disable the monitoring of network traffic.Or change the program.Fortunately the vast web of them abound, including Free.

faulty driver

Sometimes the error code 0h80070035 happens because of problems with the network card driver.You can see it in Device Manager.You can find it by going to the properties of my computer.Open the window, in the left pane that you want to select "Device Manager."Open list of "Network adapters".

If the NIC driver is a yellow exclamation mark, then you need to correct, update or reinstall.The driver can be found on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard or computer (if it's a laptop).

Problems provider

Do not forget about the network service provider.The problem may be somewhere on the line, though this happens very rarely.So if you already have tried everything and nothing helps, is to call tech support to your provider and find out why there is no connection to the network.They are usually notified of all technical work in advance, but problems can arise unexpectedly.

Unable to connect to a remote printer

very convenient to have a connection to a remote printer.Advantages enough: no need to connect it directly, when and so is not enough space, and does not need to run from computer to computer memory stick to print.However, we know 0h80070035 network error may occur in this case.

first thing is to make sure that the printer is turned on, and the computer - running and is ready (not in sleep mode or standby mode).Then we check the availability of the Internet.It is clear that without a device is not connected.Next you need to check the printer settings.To do this, the computer connected to a printer go to "Start" menu, right click on the "Devices and Printers".Right click on the desired device and click the "Printer properties" (located approximately in the middle).In the window that appears, go to the "Access".Here, look, if there is a share, the same as if the network name.

If everything is in order, and the error code 0h80070035 still here, go to the Control Panel.Go to the "Network and Internet", where you need to go to the "Change advanced sharing settings."There need to enable data sharing and printer sharing, network environment.

If this does not work, then it is necessary to delete the printer and reinstall it.


This problem is not so complicated, and it is usually solved by switching to automatically obtain IP-addresses or reboot the router.But if the two described easy ways do not help, it is necessary to delve into the problem.