Task Host Window: What is it?

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Standard "Task Manager", for example, in an emergency shutdown of the application of computer systems, Windows users are often faced with the presence of a running process taskhost.exe.Few know the service Task Host Window.What is it?On this account, even in the Help system especially does not explain anything.We will see what it is.

Task Host Window: What is it?

Translated literally from English, the term, it means "a window of the host of problems."But, in principle, the very use of the term refers more to the operating system and correctly referred to as a process or service Taskhost Windows (meaning the platform to perform certain processes of the "OSes", through which they are able to connect at some point), and not otherwise.Please note that even in the search service on the Internet describing the type of query «Taskhost Window» absolutely inapplicable.This is the primary error in the title of the process.

In principle, the service itself could be described as a component of running additional software libraries such as DLL, which can not be run as a standard method of opening executable EXE-files.Now a little more about what the Task Host Windows.

principles of the service

In fact, this system process.Let us consider in more detail the concept of Task Host Window.What it is, it is easy to understand with an example of the use of dynamic link libraries (although their own tasks window application and does not use on the basis of the said translation).The fact that Windows does not run all of the programs only executable files.Some of them contain extractable code, which is available in dynamic libraries.

For example, many plug-ins that connect to the music sequencer or conventional software players such as WinAmp or the same AIMP, have exactly the format library, triggered when an access request to them.Yes very simple example: after the equalizer separately for the player without starting the main program can not be started, but the program to which it is connected, plug-in works best.

On the other hand, if you look, the developers claim that the service is responsible for starting applications and libraries for 32-bit systems, which differ from the executable components.

Note that in the system there are two similar services.This Rundll32 and Svchost.The first relates exclusively to the launch of dynamic link libraries with 32-bit architecture, the second is responsible for running the application as a whole.

It turns out that the service is expressed in the form of Taskhost Window, is a regular backup of the above two processes.


Now a couple of phrases in the end of the service Task Host Window.What is it can be in terms of disabling the system, what impact it carries?Yes No.It is safe to say that all those who are critical to a complete shutdown of the process, believing that it can damage the system, absolutely wrong.

Believe me, nothing wrong with that.Practice shows that the shutdown is described life in most cases only frees up system resources, and helps to increase productivity in the work of any "OSes» Windows.