Technical passport of an apartment: characteristics, types and rules for obtaining

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Technical passport of an apartment is a document giving the information about the state of a particular room.It is usually issued with replanning, exchange, sale or purchase.

Datasheet BTI has several types:

  • building;
  • particular room or apartment.

In addition, it can be obtained in the case of harmonization of redevelopment or else when executed real estate transactions.But then a technical passport for the apartment is an extract from the basic document, which describes the entire building.

list of data available in this document:

  1. First, a technical passport for the apartment must contain information on the specific line size and number of storeys of the building and the area.
  2. Secondly, there is a data construction and workover, wall thickness and the material from which the walls are made.
  3. Third, must reflect the characteristics of the construction of the roof and foundation, and so on.
  4. Fourth, the document will be attached to the building up of the floors and the special list of available rooms.
  5. Fifthly, a technical passport for the apartment should include: information about the area, including the rooms, the inventory value of the apartment, the description of the material of walls and partitions.

technical rules obtaining passports for promeschenie:

  1. For its registration you need to contact the district design Survey Board.
  2. should be collected the next set of documents: an application in writing, the passport;documents in the apartment, confirming the right to a living space;certificate of payment of a share or an act of reception and transmission (original and one copy);Additional help in the privatization №7.

further procedure for obtaining a registration certificate as follows.

Once the application has been written and submitted a set of documents in the office, put in a request schedule a visit to the employee.At the specified time worker must be sure to inspect the premises and make his plan.The owner is obliged to grant him access to the room.We must bear in mind that this procedure is a mandatory fee, which can pay at the bank.Further, the applicant is coming to get technical passport of the apartment.

very important question is the following - what is its duration?

According to the housing legislation, it is not regulated.But at the same time, any apartment should be subject to the process of inventory at least once every five years.Therefore, if there is a desire to register or re-planning to issue a real estate deal, and the period of registration certificate has expired, the applicant may be denied.Out of this situation it is just only one: to make a new document.

If we talk about real estate holding procedures, the process is not complicated.What can be said that when the owner wants to register alterations.The fact that this case need to obtain permission for it.So before you apply for a registration certificate, the applicant is advised to contact the Bureau that it has issued tehzaklyuchenie the status of all structures.

Only after the changes were reported and resolved, you can transfer them to the new product data.

This moment is very important if you decide to buy a home with redevelopment.Immediately compare readings in the data sheet and the actual.If they are different, then the redevelopment was carried out without authorization.Therefore, after its acquisition by problems with obtaining permits and registration of a new document will have yours.

In general, registration and obtaining registration certificate is not currently a problem, because most of the nuances are reflected in housing legislation.