Why dream of a bumblebee?

Bumblebee or earthen bee - a symbol of good luck and health.Despite his fearsome appearance, the insect is considered non-hazardous.It will never attack a person if it is not disturbed.What does a dream in which you see a bumblebee?Armed with all sorts of dream book, we try to decipher the hidden meaning of this vision.If


bumblebee insect is a symbol of change.But good or bad are these twists of fate, you can find out for yourself.The main thing - remember the details of the dream, and the next morning to try to recover them in your mind.Why dream of a bumblebee, if he peacefully flying around you, or sitting on a flower among the meadow grass?Firstly, it is a sign of good health, success in your personal life, success in business.Secondly, any undertaking will bring to predict the results, you expect a sharp jump in the career ladder and even a good cash reward.

What dreams bumblebee an unmarried girl?It heralds a long-awaited meeting with her beloved man, the birth of the senses, a whirlwind romance and marriage.Cavalier will compete for the attention of the chosen one, and soon win her heart and hand.See Bumblebee from - to welfare.But if the insect is dead, it portends illness or trauma: affected you or your loved ones.Do not play it safe and take care of health.

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biting insects

This is a bad sign.Knowing what dreams bumblebee non-aggressive and peaceful, you can infer about him and biting his friend.Most likely, you are waiting for the problem, and in all spheres of life.The more you feel the pain, the more trouble.Their extent and the amount also depends on the size and effects of the bite.At this stage of life is attentive to the environment, not to make hasty conclusions, especially if the case is very serious and important for you.

What bumblebee dream big if he bit you, but you are in pain is not felt?This is a good dream.Even if someone tries to disrupt your lifestyle, to prevent business or family relationship, he did not succeed.When dreams during insect attack, but did not sting, it is a sign that trouble is waiting on the doorstep.Do not take chances, try to share with people the smaller plans.Perhaps yours is watching secretly envious, ready at any moment to destroy your life.

a swarm

What dreams bumblebee, we have already dealt with.What does the dreams in which you see a lot of insects?Nothing wrong.Most likely, in the near future, you will be invited at a noisy party.From meetings with friends and cheerful feasts you get the maximum pleasure.Communication with loved ones will bring the long-awaited vacation: finally you forget about business.If a swarm of much buzz, you'll be swimming in luck.And the more buzz, the more successful companies in the business you will be able to crank.

hear mile buzzing insects but do not see - and to great success at work or study.Voiced sounds of insects - for monetary gain.You will raise at work or pay a substantial premium.Wealth can fall on your head and on the side from which you do not expect.For example, when a distant relative who has left you a legacy of the capital, business or home.You may be invited abroad for cooperation on a solid company.So be prepared for any twist of fate.